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Saturday, January 26, 2019

B&B: Baby Beth and the 8000 episode

The Bold and the Beautiful celebrated the 8000th episode in January 2019. This included the main story of Beth's birth. Below are my thoughts.

So Liam and Hope went on a babymoon to Catalina. The island isn't far away from LA, but as it is an island you can only reach it by water or in the air. Liam stayed back as baby Kelly was ill, and couldn't get to the island, due to the wind. Hope went into labor, and Reese delivered the kid. We weren't told what happened, but on the 8000 episode, Hope was told the baby died. We now have found out that Beth didn't die, and Reese was going to "sell" her to Taylor and Steffy. Neither Taylor or Steffy have any idea that this baby is Liam and Hope's child. Reese needed the money as he had gambling debts and his daughter was going to be hurt if he didn't pay up for it. Flo is Reese's friend and posing as the baby's mother. Steffy has fallen in love with this baby, who she wants to name Phoebe after her late sister. The babies slept in the same crib, so somehow they realize the obvious that they are sisters.

Anyway, I feel that B&B did a good job with the death and the memorial for a baby who isn't dead. I just wonder how long they plan to run this baby switch, as it has been a long time since they did one on this program - that was the Amber, Rick, Becky plot of over 15 years ago.

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