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Monday, January 21, 2019

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - April 1977

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of April 1977.

Maggie and Matt were happier now that she returned to Madison and cheated on him. That said Matt has no idea what Maggie has done though she did talk to Althea. Mike returned without Toni. It is uncertain where their relationship is going, as Alan Stewart was back in her life, as her mother's doctor, though we are just told about this, and see nothing.

Jerry was working way too much, and Penny was frustrated as she barely saw him. Wendy returned to Madison, and Eleanor wanted to hide her relationship with Luke from her. Sara continued to work for Eleanor, and since Mike returned, Maggie was back, and Rose the babysitter was around, she didn't have a lot of work. The Dancy's had a family party, which caused a fight between Luke and Barney again. Jason was invited, but with everything else going on, he couldn't make it, which was unfortunate for Nola. Tom (Jerry's friend) asked Sara out again, but Sara didn't want to settle. Sara invited Eleanor and Wendy to the party, which since no one knows about Eleanor and Luke made things a bit weird. Their was a singalong of "Paper Moon", which I think is a really old song. Jason and Nola didn't have much movement either, as Jason was supporting his brother, and also helping Matt by bringing Mike home.

Paul mixed alcohol and barbiturates and ended up in the hospital. Althea suggested Matt go and see Paul, and kept him alive. This was a good thing, as Paul is the only one who can clear Matt for Joan Dancy's death. By the end of the month, Jason told Matt what was going on, and Matt while disgusted wanted to keep Paul alive.

MJ got Billy and Emma to come to the hospital, and Carolee wasn't communicating. Neither of them could get her attention, and Carolee imagined seeing Steve, having yellow roses, and Annie coming in and saying she was married to Steve. (This seems to be the last of the fake fantasy flashbacks, weirdly Carolee's dream versions of herself, Steve and Annie had better clothing than Steve and Annie had at their actual wedding. Also it seems like March was the last "The Way We Were" memory, when they spoke about the song, and why she loved it even if it was sad.) 

Annie and Steve were enjoying their honeymoon, while she knew that Steve should be in touch with home. They spoke about kids, and Steve isn't ready to be a parent to another young child, but Annie did something with the birth control. Someone came to the island with the mail, including a telegram from Jason. Steve rushed to get back to St. Thomas, called his brother, was told about Carolee and wanted to go back to Madison. He went back to Annie who decided to stay on the private island alone with the staff. Steve went to see Carolee, who had backslid, and wasn't talking again. He spoke to her, and tried to make her wake up, though was conflicted. Then he returned and brought Annie back. Steve told the doctors, first Dr. Brandt, who shared with Dr. McClintock, that he cheated on Carolee with Annie. Claudia and Dr. Brandt returned to Sand Springs. Mona still is team Annie, and doesn't seem to care that Carolee is back, or that Steve may have feelings for anyone that isn't Ann.

Emma decided to bring Carolee to a sanitarium near Wyndham Falls. Steve didn't want that, but due to the divorce this was Emma's choice. Erich and Steffy were told by Steve about their mother. They wanted to see her even if she couldn't respond. The kids dressed up in their finest to see her. Steve brought Steffy, who talked to and then wanted to hug Mommy. Carolee reacted to her little girl, hugging her back, and was back to normal. Steve was shocked, but happy. Emma and Erich came in, and there was a reunion. Carolee even kissed Steve, and it seemed like she wanted him back. The next morning, Steve and Billy came back to see her, and Carolee remembered hearing about Ann and Steve being married. She was upset with Steve, and didn't want to see him. Steve and Jason spoke, and Steve admitted that if he knew that Carolee was going to return, he wouldn't have made the choice to marry Ann.

Those were the highlights of "The Doctors" for April 1977, only April 15 was missing, and there were no preempted episodes. It looks like Sally Gracie (Martha) is gone from the program now, and without a happy ending. I'm guessing we're supposed to believe she and Ernie are together, in town, but just aren't seen. Claudia went back to Sand Springs, as did Dr. Brandt, while we got a new Wendy Conrad, who was back for a break.

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