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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Days: Inside Salem "The Days of Our Lives" Podcast Episode 6

The sixth episode of Inside Salem premiered this week. Below are my thoughts.

The sixth episode had an interview with Matthew Ashford (Jack) and the best scenes of the week (one with Chad/Abby/Gabi and the other with Jack at the party New Year's Eve Party with Jennifer). The second portion was an interview with Rob Scott Wilson (Ben) and Victoria Konefal (Ciara).

The first interview was with Matt and Michael Fairman. They discuss some of the history of Jack, along with other things. There wasn't too much chatter about what Matt has been doing the last six years. On this particular episode Missy Reeves is doing the voiceovers.

The second part with Michael Fairman talking to Rob and Victoria. There were audience tweet questions, along with a clip, and a scene where Michael Fairman tried to imitate Rob to not so good results.

I think how much you would enjoy this would be based on how much you like the actors involved, and if you don't mind a lot of Michael Fairman, as he was in all parts of the podcast.

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