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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - March 1977

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of March 1977.

Maggie went to New York City to teach a seminar to medical students. We didn't see her in class, but we did see her with Kyle Wilson. We found out that Kyle was married, but his wife was blind. The wife refused surgery, as if she saw again, he would leave her. Kyle and Maggie shared dinner, and went to "A Chorus Line" (lucky). Maggie called home, and Nola answered the phone. Maggie hung up, went back to Kyle's and slept with him. After that happened, Maggie returned to Madison. Later she found out that Greta asked Sara to babysit, and Nola came along. Sara was with Michael Paul, and Matt wasn't even with Nola, so her jealousy was unwarranted.

Jerry and Penny really didn't do anything again. They were both working, but didn't have time for romance as a newly married couple. Barney came home, and Luke got angry with his Dad, and told him about Joan's death. Luke and Eleanor started sleeping together, and Luke started working at the Madison Arms.

Jason knew the truth about what Stacy did, but he didn't have any truth. Stacy died in Canada, due to blood loss and the child, a boy was stillborn. So in a few days, Paul lost his institutionalized son, his wife, and their new baby. Stacy's service was off screen, and Jason, Mona, and Steve all went to Canada for that event.

The night before going back to Madison, Carolee had a dream about her and Steve discussing their wedding at the nurses' station, and kissing behind it on the ground. (Again this is a rewrite, though something that should have happened back in the day, the kissing part.) Ann knew that Carolee was coming as Dr. Brandt was in touch with Althea, and pushed up the wedding to Steve. The wedding would be followed by a honeymoon on a private island outside of St. Thomas, and Steve would be unavailable. Ann calls Steve, her angel, and Mona as a gift gave a downpayment on a mansion for Steve, Ann and the kids called the Dewitt mansion. Mona talked down about the house Steve and Carolee shared, and called it a cottage. (Only in Mona's world a house with five bedrooms and a separate apartment is a cottage.) The house Mona gave money too, was so large it would have a staff, though we didn't see it. Billy was only agreeing to what was happening for Steve's sake, but Erich and Steffy seemed to like Ann now. On his wedding day, Steve didn't run into Carolee when they both went to Maple Avenue off camera. Steve and Ann got married, and Judge Bowman did the honors. It was in Mona's living room, and Steffy who just got out of the hospital, was in the house, but not with everyone. Even though Nola and Jason are dating, Nola was not invited to the wedding, only family, Matt, Maggie, and Althea were in attendance.

Carolee, Dr. Brandt and nurse Claudia came to Madison. They were going to stay at the Madison Arms, Dr. Brandt asked for directions to Maple Avenue. MJ saw Carolee, and was stunned. MJ tried to call Mona's house, but got a busy signal. She rushed over, and Ann and Steve had left. Althea was shocked when she found out that the patient was Carolee. Jason tried to reach Steve on the plane, but Ann intercepted the note. Steve wanted to call once off the plane, but Ann stopped him. They went to the island and were intimate. Carolee was resting in the hospital, and overheard MJ and Dr. Brandt talking. She fainted when she heard that Ann and Steve got married. 

Those were the highlights of "The Doctors" for March 1977. The show was pre-empted (no reason known) on March 8 and missing on March 25. The hour-long episode was March 29. I'm glad that Carolee was finally in Madison and talking. The 29th had the premier of the new credits, they no longer mention the brotherhood of healing, and there are drawings of the heads of the cast. It leads off with Althea, Matt, Maggie, Steve, and Carolee. The rest of the cast shown are on the bottom of a circle.

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