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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Primetime TV Update - January 2019

Below is my list of what I finished in January 2019.
Last month I spent a lot of time watching reality shows, this month it was the opposite. I completed nine programs, and eight of them were scripted.

On AMC, I finished "Lodge 49", which I had started months ago. It is getting a second season, and is has a different tone and mellow compared to many other shows. This isn't the kind of show that is easy to explain.

On BBCAmerica, I finished the latest season of "Doctor Who". Since the holiday special aired on New Year's Day this series, I could only include this in my January 2019 list. I think there weren't enough episodes, and am a bit disappointed that there won't be anymore new episodes until 2020.

On Lifetime, I watched "You". Everyone sees this as a Netflix show, but it actually premiered on Lifetime first. The show is a long form variation of a Lifetime movie with a creepy male stalker, though the majority of the show's POV is his and not any of the female characters. Since it was made in NYC, I wasn't surprised that soap alums and east coast based performers like Michael Park and Daniel Cosgrove appeared.

In reality shows, I finished "We'll Meet Again" on PBS. I think the enjoyment I have of that show is based on the people who are interviewed and their shared pasts.

In the US Streaming realm (as in other countries some of these shows appeared on terrestrial television first), I completed five shows. "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan", "Informer", "Pine Gap", "The Cry" and "The Book Group" series one. Informer, The Cry and The Book Group were first on UK tv. The others were online exclusives. Jack Ryan was a spy show based on the Jack Ryan character, with international locations. Informer a cop/crime/domestic terrorism themed show taking place in GB. Pine Gap a conspiracy/terrorism going on in Australia with characters who were American and Australian. The Cry a family drama/mystery about a missing baby, the mother was played by Jenna Coleman (aka "Victoria" and Clara on "Doctor Who"). The Book Group a slightly offbeat comedy, which was over 15 years old about an ex-Pat American living in Scotland, three wives (one of whom is Michelle Gomez - Missy on "Doctor Who") of football (soccer players), a local guy, a wheel-chair bound guy (played by Rory McCann aka Sandor on "Game of Thrones") and a literature student who is an addict. 

Happy viewing!

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