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Friday, February 1, 2019

Thoughts about Neighbours - January 2019

Below is my January entry about "Neighbours" for 2019.

Xanthe said goodbye to Erinsborough, and Piper drove her to the airport in Hermoine the car. This saved Xanthe and Piper from harm. The Renshaws caused havoc, by attempting to shoot Leo. Terese got in the way, and was shot instead. She was hospitalized, on the run, one of the Renshaws took Harold's Cafe hostage. They were caught, but it was stressful for Chloe, Elly, and Yashvi. Kirsha was there also with her classmates.

Jane left after realizing that Paul still had feelings for Terese, and also found out about what Paul believed he did to Mannix. Before Delaney left, it came out how she knew Mannix was alive, I hope Jane was told, so she doesn't feel the guilt for keeping secret a murder that didn't happen. Piper asked Paul to stay away from Terese, as Terese and Leo are back together, but Terese got angry by her daughter's interference.

Prior to the Renshaw mess, Gary hit Dipi thinking she was someone else. Dipi was in the hospital, and was released. Shane now despises Gary, but Gary was the only person who listened to Dipi after her girls were held hostage.  Amy found out about everything Gary did. Amy went to visit Jimmy in NY off camera.

Leo and Aaron's adoption of Reg the dog was short-lived as Val's sister arrived and took the pup away. Ned wanted to protect Bea, and told Finn's half-brother to tell Bea that Finn was always bad. Bea became upset as she would have told the brother to leave her alone, and Ned made her lose that closure.

Off camera, Tyler was tested for Huntington's but was in the clear. Aaron trying to help called up Chloe's ex-girlfriend Mel. Mel was the reason that Chloe had been in so much debt, but their mother had been in contact with her. Mel convinced Elly that she should do a combination of what both Bea (a girl's night in doing fun stuff) and Chloe (partying/dancing) for her hen's night. While spending time with Chloe, Mel tried to hurt Chloe's work. Mark got his job back as a constable, but was upset that Toadie couldn't be there as his lawyer. Toadie had a good reason to miss it, as Sonya was sick. Sonya has cancer that is stage four, which spread from her ovaries. Sonya asked Karl for the truth of her situation, and Karl sadly shared that maybe 25% of people survive five years. The two cried together.

Those were the highlights of January 2019. The Sonya story, which just started, seems like it would be rough to watch. I'm glad that they mentioned Tyler as well, and Xanthe leaving for a happy ending was nice.

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