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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - May 1977

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of May 1977.

Mike and Toni are still separated, with Toni in California, and Mike caring for Michael Paul in Madison. Mike has decided what he is going to do with his life, as he no longer has a job at the police force. Maggie and Matt were still getting along, and Maggie apologized to Nola.

Penny's Dad had given them $5,000 and Jerry didn't want to spend it. (If it had been $500, I'd get it, but $5,000 would pay for a new apartment for years, as the place Penny wanted was only $100 more a month.) In four years' time, Jerry would be a full attorney and could easily pay back Penny's father, so this was weird. Jerry ripped up three months of rent, and Penny got angry. Penny had enough of Jerry's actions, and left out of frustration. Jerry was stunned to at his family's apartment to a surprise party. At the airport, Penny called Jerry that she was going to Japan to see her father.

Doreen came to Madison to see Jason and due to Stacy's death. She wanted to raise money for a woman's and babies kind of clinic at Hope Memorial. Ironic considering Stacy was a murderer, so does no one know what Stacy did outside of the cops, Jason, Matt, Maggie, and Nola. This makes me annoyed.

Wendy continued to worry about Luke and her mother. She got Penny to ask Jerry about it, before she left town. Jerry got annoyed by this also. Sara mentioned this to Eleanor and, Eleanor relieved her of her job.

Paul was well enough to leave Hope Memorial as Matt's actions saved him. Paul gave a full confession, and was going away for his crimes. Matt got a lot of calls congratulating him, and Mike, Maggie, and Greta were happy. Althea stopped by to celebrate, and was shocked that Paul who she worked with for months was the culprit. Paul didn't share what he knew about Annie, though it made him happy that Ann was suffering. 

Carolee kept Steve away from her, while she was in the hospital, due to his marriage to Ann. He visited once with a drawing that Steffy did. Both Althea and Maggie went to see Carolee separately. Althea admitted to not being a good godmother to Steffy, who is now so big, and mentioned the godparents ceremony, which was off camera. Maggie came by on the day Carolee left, and earlier Carolee called Matt, after he was exonerated. Steve went to see Carolee at the hospital, and they shared a kiss. That in his opinion was the one honest moment they shared since she was awake (and the program did two variations of that scene). Steve took the Erich and Steffy to visit in Wyndham Falls, and they appreciated time with their mom. Steve came to pick them up, and Emma invited him to dinner. We found out that Carolee has a new wardrobe. The next day, Steve came alone to see Carolee, and they went out to dinner alone.

Mona did her best to screw with Jason and Nola, and was completely team Annie. To Nola and Jason, she confided things to Virginia about her son that were not true. Unfortunately, Nola finding out Doreen was in town, made their plans to go to France a less of a possibility. Mona also convinced Annie to leave to give Steve space, but really wanted him to stay with her.

Those were the highlights of "The Doctors" for May 1977, only May 18 was missing, and there were no preempted episodes.We were told that Steve spent time with Billy, who was upset over Steve and Carolee's issues. It is possible this was David Elliott's last episode as Billy, which makes it a bit upsetting. Paul's doctor Jesse was played by Petronia Paley who was on Guiding Light for years as Vivian Grant.

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