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Monday, February 11, 2019

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - June 1977

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of June 1977.

Mike announced that Toni was going to come home, as her mother was settled in care. Mike met Jesse Rawlings, who asked the newly returned chief of staff for a new assignment. Jesse was being treated badly due to her race, her gender, and her age. Matt said she could change and be in the field three days a week and emergency the other two days, as people would be less likely to give her problems.

Jerry continued to work at Jason's, but was lonely without Penny. He decided to go with Althea to Japan to see Penny. Sara got a job at Jason's office as a legal secretary, though she will take night classes to improve her shorthand. Jason and Nola went to France together after having strife due to Doreen. Virginia threw Nola out of the family apartment over this situation. Doreen's plans to make Jason unhappy and break up with Nola didn't happen, and Mona's did not work as well.

Wendy tried to get legal help to keep her mother Eleanor safe from Luke. Luke started an affair with Doreen, and skipped out on seeing Eleanor though they now share an apartment. Luke lied and said he had to work. Eleanor was going to work on Doreen's project as a fundraiser. Doreen also brought Kyle Wilson back to town for a day. Maggie and Kyle spoke after Matt invited him over, and Kyle's life has not gotten any better, but Maggie is settled and happy with Matt. Luke convinced Eleanor to help pay for him to get part ownership into Andre's.

Carolee and Steve were bonding, and Mona took notice. Annie came back, and Steve finally told her after one misfire that he wanted a divorce. Ann confided in Mona about the pregnancy. Mona told Steve as she didn't want her son to divorce Ann. This was right before, he was supposed to go with Carolee and the kids to the shore for the evening. Steve cut it short, and went to see Ann. Before being able to tell Carolee what was happening, he had to deliver a baby the one time. Carolee came to pick the kids up for dinner at her place with MJ. Ann announced it how she was ill like women who love their husband's would be. The kids wants their parents back together, as they have no idea what is going on with them. Carolee was devastated, but Steve still wants to be with Carolee after this child is born, he plans to divorce.

MJ went out with Tom more than once. One evening, Tom hung out at the MJ/Carolee apartment with the MJ, Carolee, and the kids. We also found out that Dr. Brandt who was injured, was better, and now wanted to talk to Jason about Irene Lomax.

Matt and Maggie had Althea and Jerry over for one last dinner before their time away. Carolee was told at the hospital about the visit to say goodbye, and Steve also came with Ann (who came along) though Steve was the one who was actually invited. Carolee left, as it was an awkward situation, and Annie told everyone assembled about the pregnancy though no one looked happy about that news.

Those were the highlights of "The Doctors" for June 1977. June 10 was missing and June 20th was preempted. was missing, and there were no preempted episodes. Althea (Liz Hubbard) and Jerry (Jonathan Hogan) left the program and Althea disappeared from the credits right away. Jonathan Frakes aka Riker on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" among other things first appeared this month.

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