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Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Year's Eve in Soapland 2018 to 2019

Below are quick write-ups about how the US soaps began 2019 and ended 2018, or rather what happened on New Year's Eve.

Like last year, "The Bold and the Beautiful" ignored New Year's Eve as a plot point. There was no fancy party or anything of that nature. Ridge and Brooke discussed how they weren't doing anything, and how Liam and Hope were going to be in Catalina. Everything about Liam and Hope in Catalina will be in a separate entry about their 8000 episode.

"Days of Our Lives" had a big party at Doug's place with a surprise guest (December 28 & 31). The majority of the 28th was before the party except for the countdown and the kissing, and the arrival of the special guest crashing the party. This year it was Eve Donovan who returned first berating the crowd and then shocking them with Jack Deveraux, who had amnesia, not remembering the last six years he was supposedly dead. Jennifer was there with Dr. Shah, who she stopped dating when she and Eric became involved. Brady was with Chloe (as friends) as were Eric and Sarah. JJ and Haley went as their first date, and Justin and Adrienne were in attendance. All of the chatter before and during the party didn't really accomplish anything (recaps) beyond we found out that Adrienne is annoyed with Steve for not coming home, and Justin wants nothing to do with the custody battle over Holly. Lani and Eli were at the party, but left before Eve arrived. They saw Jack, but Eli didn't recognize why he was familiar. Eli and Lani enjoyed ringing in the new year, together having made love.

"General Hospital" New Year's Eve episodes aired on December 27 & 28. The 27th was during the day, and the 28th was the night. Sonny and Jason spoke during the day, and Margaux stopped by. Emma was back in Port Charles visiting Anna, and she gave belated Christmas presents to Finn and Anna. With her urging, they moved in together. The girl was thrilled, and was wearing Anna's gift to her a fascinator. General Hospital had a Pediatric Cancer charity event at the MetroCourt. Money was raised, and the end of the party had Jason and Sam seeing a dead body, while outside watching fireworks. Again Curtis found the location, of the murder, and his night with Jordan was ruined. Ned and Olivia attended, Julian arrived by himself, Alexis was there too, Lulu was there with Laura. Kristina and Michael went to NYE's together, and Valerie was chilly to Krissy. Michael saw that Chase and Willow were on a date, but Chase had to leave early due to the murder. The victim was Peyton who was creating a movie about Ryan, with the ending that perhaps Ryan is still alive. After telling Ryan, thinking it was Kevin, Peyton was murdered off screen. Ryan made Ava feel better or at least tried to comfort her in regards to Kiki. Kim and Drew ended up staying all night at the hospital with Oscar, though since Oscar was with Joss off screen, it was only so Kim could share some stories about their past. Kim kissed Drew, and Julian saw it.

"The Young and the Restless" had a New Year's Eve episode on NYE (in the US), but due to how the story was being told it went over more days than just that. I will only focus on actually NYE. Devon has a party at his penthouse that was decorated by Ana. Fen, Lola, Abby, Arturo, and Cane along with extras are in attendance. Abby texted Kyle, as he  wasn't there due to his fight with Lola. At midnight, Kyle looked on as Lola kissed Fen, Cane was passed out, Abby and Arturo were happily together, and after hugging Ana, Devon looked out the window missing Hillary. Rey spent part of the night with Mia, but when he got a lead about Nikki, she convinced him to return to work. Phyllis and Victoria drink together at Victoria's house, but thankfully no one was rolled up in a rug. Reed comes in and Phyllis leaves. When Victoria mentions the fears about someone hurting Nikki again (like the driver of the car), Reed admits he was the culprit. Victor, Nick, Nate, and Nikki are at an airfield. Victor wants to take Nikki to safety, and Nate come to take care of Nikki's needs. Rey arrives and arrests Victor.

So those are quick write-ups of what occurred. It wasn't too bloody of a NYE, except on GH, and some characters were allowed to be happy and in love.

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