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Monday, May 1, 2017

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - April 2017

Below are my thoughts for the April 2017 episodes of "Neighbours". Don't continue if you haven't seen it.

Lauren and Brad left the neighborhood to live closer to Amber, her daughter Matilda, and the rest of their shared family. Right after they departed, Paige had a hunger pang and took a container meant for Tyler. Inside was a "gift" of drugs, which could have harmed the baby. Everyone was horrified, but Piper acted properly, and is considered at risk. Paige offered to let Piper and Tyler move in with her, but Piper said if Tyler can't move in without issue then it wouldn't happen. Paige ended up moving in with the Aaron and Mark, while Piper and Tyler stayed at the backpackers. Jack felt a bit jealous over Paige's living situation, and Mark was glad that the crib which was to have been used by Caitlin will have an occupant. Toadie's brother Shane, his wife Dipi, and their daughters Kirsha and Yashvi moved into Lauren's home. They also took over Harold's, but Dipi swore that the current staff wouldn't lose their jobs.

Kim told Paul that he was the twins' father, as they rushed to find Amy and Leo before anything scandalous happened between the half-siblings. They had only kissed, but were in love, but now they cannot be together. Leo hooked up with Misthi (who is the sister-in-law of Toadie's brother Shane.) He thought she was an out-of-towner, as he can't deal with an actual relationship. Amy is acting wilder than normal, and Jimmy is frustrated as he became close to Leo and wants to be family. David came out first to Leo, who was glad his brother, finally could be honest with himself. He told Paul, who accepted it. On Anzac Day, David kissed Aaron, who was shocked. Aaron doesn't think he is good enough for David, and didn't realize that David shared his homosexuality with his family.

Elly's relationship with Finn Kelly rekindled, though it seemed like he did it, because it was advantageous to his job prospects. He got information, which caused Susan to have to fire, the assistant principal, and then she had to be recused from his interview. Finn does have a time bomb in his head, and only Xanthe knows, but can't say as she found out while learning more about nursing at the hospital. Another thing Finn did to discredit Susan, was convince Ben to leave school to go into a vocation. Ben loves cars, and mechanics, and he is now having an internship with Tyler at the garage. Tyler left with Ben to get more training, while Piper had to deal with unwanted advances. (The scene where Piper explained how this is something women have to deal with, and Tyler was outraged thinking this made no sense, was appropriate. Tyler wouldn't know as his mother was out of the picture and grew up with brothers.)

Toadie and Sonya's marriage didn't get better, as Toadie's mom sent divorce papers to Sonya. He wants to save his marriage, and Sonya wants it to end. (What is weird and kind of humorous is that Steph got Sonya a fidget cube, which looked to be green and black which was the Kickstarter only version. Sonya was tempted to drink and did succumb. She threw Steph out of the house, but eventually they worked it out and Steph moved back from the hotel. Steph had wanted Lauren's house, but Shane got it into contract first.

Brooke came back to Erinsborough after getting Sheila's message that she tried to take back as Gary was happy. Brooke's return was only welcomed by Xanthe, and her attempt at a new job at the hospital failed after her past defrauding Karl was revealed to her potential boss. Eventually she did get a job from Terese as Tim Collins thought she was a good masseuse.

Those were the highlights of "Neighbours" for April 2017. I wonder how many more months Paige will be pregnant. I just want that baby born already.

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