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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - April 2017

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in April 2017.

Ryan covered for DS Armstrong and told him to leave, because he didn't want the case against Ste for Amy's murder to fall apart. Leela and Zack fell into bed, and he has real feelings for her. He doesn't care, she's a mum, but if he finds out her youngest is his brother that may change. Peri thought that Zack liked her, which was extremely awkward. There is a new girl in school Yasmine, who is out to cause problems, and goads Peri into doing things like telling Tom, he is too immature for her and stealing Neeta's tablet.

James ended up defending Ste, for murder, and at the end of the month Ste pleaded not guilty. We also found out that James' phone has a suspicious ringtone that was heard at the murder scene. Freddie tried to help Ellie get Nick for raping her. He lied and got Lisa to lie, but Lisa couldn't do it. The case got thrown out, and Nick and the others celebrated. Earlier, Nick found comfort in Tegan, cheating on Holly. While Holly discovered her half-brother Alfie set up a website attacking Nick, as he was siding with Ellie. Marnie and James continued to try and destroy Mac with drugs and drink. Before all of this happened, Freddie got a surprise, his daughter Lexi, was back in town, his mother said he needs to raise her. Freddie considered giving her to Mercedes, but she worried he'd take her away again. Freddie left town with the baby after assaulting Nick, on the night of the party, as he didn't want to return to prison. Ellie considered going, but decided she needed her family.

Maxine and Adam got engaged again ever after Darcy returned from the dead and announced she was the mother of his son, Toby. The boy acted like he liked his soon-to-be stepmom, but it was a trick, and the boy helped poison Maxine at their engagement party.

Esther and Kim broke up again, as Esther found out Kim was lying about Grace shooting her. She later found out that her injury was faked. Esther found all this out, and went with Grace. After being kidnapped by Liam, she said she couldn't take being with Grace. Kim though still wanted her wife back, while Grace was also miserable as to get the money to save Esther, she gave Warren the club. Liam left town with the cash and hoped to move on past the loss of his girlfriend and unborn child. While Warren got the club, the rest of his life was in ruins. He killed Bart, and with Sienna's help hid the body. Then Neeta and Sally moved into that flat, so they had to move it again. This was a bit sick, though comedic.

Nancy was dealing with her illness and went to a support group. She ran into an old boyfriend, Kyle, who she said was married, but he's gay. They both have MS, but Nancy didn't tell Darren this. He gave Nancy drugs to hide in their home, while Darren was horrified. He wants to raise enough money for Nancy to get the treatment she needs. The kids know she is sick, but is is difficult for them. Darren's cab got stolen when Esther was kidnapped, so they are struggling again. 

With Lily and Mercedes' help, Scott went searching for his biological mother. They found a woman who said they knew his mother. It was a bit suspicious, but Scott was glad to meet someone from his biological past. Scott calmed down (for him) when he had a goal. Meanwhile Cleo's life got easier, as she became closer to Joel, though once Warren knows what Joel did, she may lose another person.

Amy's memorial meant the returns of characters from the past. It ended with the song Rihanna song "Diamonds in the Sky". Harry came as Ste was in prison, while Tony wanted to keep Harry and Ste apart. The kids overheard Harry being berated for supporting that murderer Ste. Zoe came to support Mike, which upset Mike's former wife Cathy.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for April 2017. I think Sienna and Warren's kids will be terrors considering their personalities, but I don't want Warren to go back to prison yet, as we need someone on canvas to be "bad", but not crazy.

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