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Monday, May 29, 2017

GH: Thoughts about the Nurses' Ball 2017

Below are my thoughts about the 2017 "General Hospital" Nurses' Ball. This is just about the episodes that aired May 23, 24, and 25, 2017.

Throughout the ball there were references to the chimera story and Morgan's death. Both of these topics are more involved than just the ball, so I am going to gloss over them for the sake of this post.

The first day was red carpet coverage again. This year Mario Lopez playing himself was with Nina (Michelle Stafford) announcing the red carpet guests. At one point, some people who weren't recognizable were announced, guessing they were contest winners of some sort. Burt's Bees was the sponsor, so we saw their logo on camera, and later ads for them appeared on the show. My favorite part of the red carpet was that they allowed Carly, Bobbie and Joss to come in together. I felt sorry for Rocco as Charlotte could go to the ball with Lulu and Dante, but he was nowhere to be found. Felicia came in with Emma, Anna, and Griffin though did nothing else beyond look good in a red dress and tell us how Mac was off camera watching the show with Robin. The end of the episode had a music video version of the "Welcome to the Nurses' Ball" song, which I feel GH has gotten a lot of money out of using this year. Of course, whenever I hear that I wonder where Molly is.

The second day was just the ball itself. Valentin sang an apology to Nina, the late 80s Billy Joel song "And So it Goes", which was well done. I wonder why he would know that particular song and why would a criminal mastermind open himself up as vulnerable in front of the town. There was a performance of "Brave", a song I really never cared for though I get why some find it inspiring. That was performed by Amy, Valerie, Kristina, and Emma. Kristina didn't interact with any of her family at the ball, so it was a bit odd. Emma lives in California, so when she did practice with them and how does she know Amy or Valerie as Amy was only shown after Robin left Port Charles. Amy's backstory of going to school with Maxie doesn't work due to Robin's time out of the country, and how Maxie and Amy weren't friends. Kristina and Valerie had an advertisement in the middle of the show that seemed like a meet cute, though I'd be surprised if they would allow those two characters to date. (Then again imagine Dante's reaction to his younger half-sister hooking up with the woman who nearly cost him Lulu. That may be a lot of fun though I don't expect that to happen.) Joss performed an original song, by her portrayer Eden McCoy which was rather good also. Michael was with Nelle, in the hospital so he listened to his sister on the phone.

The third day of the ballad three musical performances. We had "Faith" as performed by Ned and Olivia. They came to the ball late as they were having too much fun being engaged off screen, if one knows what I mean. Dillon performed "Modern Love", and Deanna almost had to fill in, but Kiki was able to make it. This was him singing, with them dancing together. The ball ended with a performance of the nurse group singing "Hallelujah", (Epiphany, Deanna, Amy and Felix had solos) which was interrupted by Robin speaking on a video screen. She talked about how 20 years ago, she didn't think she'd be alive by now. To have even one child let alone get pregnant with a second wasn't imaginable. This was touching, because that's the reality people lived with back then. The music played while other things were going on like Curtis and Jordan sleeping together. After the ball ended, Lucy allowed Jake and the others to stay back as he decided to do his magic act, which was to unleash the Chimera with the help of Emma and Charlotte, as he saw Helena in his head. The idea of kids being mass murders is very disturbing for a charity event.

It was weird how so many characters were at the ball and didn't perform like Jason, Carly, Sonny, Sam, Franco, Laura, Anna, and Liz. We also didn't see a lot of people who work at the hospital. In some cases, I understand why they wouldn't, but wouldn't it make sense to show us people who do interact on stage. Lucy stayed dressed, and there wasn't the "hot guys" striptease. Also Lucy kept Obrecht from performing, and told the truth about Morgan and Ava to Sonny and Carly advancing that plot.

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