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Monday, May 8, 2017

GH: Goodbye Tracy Q

Since Jane Elliot has retired from acting, "General Hospital" waved goodbye to Tracy Quartermaine on Thursday, May 4, 2017. Below are my thoughts.

While we all knew it was coming, but it didn't mean that her departure wasn't emotional. The last two episodes had the most punch, but that is to be expected as they took place in the living room of the mansion. A week prior to Jane's departure, there was an episode with Tracy going on trial for her deeds, which included flashbacks, though that was a lot less emotional. She was hit by AJ's plaque and fell to the ground, and imagined herself possibly being reincarnated as Skye's upcoming adopted child. Of course old clips reminded me yet again why I couldn't stand Jenny and felt extremely frustrated by Tracy and Paul 20 plus years ago. If Dillion didn't exist, I'd act like it never happened. My favorite part of all of this was that we saw material with people like the late David Lewis, whose voice is just magnificent. I didn't care for Sonny being the judge as there was no reason behind it other than making a joke. Nathan being there was awkward, but if it was foreshadowing to Nathan's real paternity that would be appreciated. Scott being her lawyer, and them mentioning Tracy and Scott dating made sense. Of course, I can always do with more Tracy and Alan (Stuart Damon) even in flashback, but I digress. My one annoyance was that Lulu wasn't mentioned as someone that Tracy did right by, as they had a strong relationship for years, and Tracy was as close to her as her own kids.

The painting material was pointless even if the portrait did look like a much younger Jane Elliot. Let's have bring Larry Ashton back, but not have the original actor, so any emotional punch was lost. Anyway Larry was trying to con Tracy by hiring a woman named Samira (and well who knows if that was her real name), to lie about having her kid be abducted and sold. Human trafficking is an upsetting topic, but this was supposed to be comedic, seriously that hit the wrong tone. Anyway, Ned figured it out, due to Samira saying she learned "We Gather Together" from Edward, during the time he was away at JL Holt living in Turkey. The part about Edward living in Turkey was true, as was his journal being with the monks. If his words about Tracy and the others was fake that would have been bothersome. The story was false, as Edward wouldn't sing unless he had no other choice or to honor Lila. The only positive thing was that this silly situation was that it gave Genie Francis and Jane some on air time together, which wasn't about Laura and Tracy bickering about Luke Spencer. Due to her vision, Tracy decided to give up the painting regardless of whether or not Samira was a Q, and then Ned announced that Samira was a fraud and paid her to leave.

The last two episodes had Ned making an announcement that he was changing his name from Ned Ashton to Ned Quartermaine, which is about time. Later Olivia said she may change hers as well to honor her new family by marriage. Tracy told everyone she was leaving, and gave them advice. She wanted Michael to keep ELQ going or else he would hear it from her, she also suggested that perhaps the company should help Dillion's work in film. For a change, Tracy didn't snark at Kiki. Tracy wanted Laura and Lulu to take care of each other, and for Hayden and Finn to forgive, as life is short. Monica and Tracy were poignant, and they admitted to being sisters even with all the bickering for decades. I do wish they had Tracy in attendance for Ned and Olivia's wedding as that would be a way to support her son. Tracy then sold her painting, went to a coffee shop, and saw Tony Geary (though they didn't say he was Luke) and he had a hairdo, Jane had as Tracy years ago.

We'll all have years of episodes to view from not just "General Hospital", but her time on other soaps like "Days of Our Lives" and "Guiding Light" in the 80s. Angelica Deveraux on that show wasn't too far from Tracy, though there is the bizarre part of watching Wally Kurth play her boy toy Justin instead of her son Ned. Carrie Todd Marler was nothing like Tracy, as she got to play a character who suffered from DID, though when not in another personality was sweet, intelligent, and kind. Of course, if you're into 1970s children's programming or action adventure, you should watch her play a villainess opposite Deidre Hall in "Electra Woman & Dyna Girl". Speaking just for myself, I still have the second season of "Knots Landing" to watch where Jane had a role, before I have to resort to watching random clips online. Sometimes clips though can be fun.

I hope Jane enjoys her retirement and if she decides to act again it is her choice. Very rarely do actors get to chose to leave daytime, so while sad I can be hopeful for her future. Hopefully, she'll check in with her friends in the industry from time to time, so we can see how she's enjoying herself.

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