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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Days: Hollywood Walk of Fame - Ken Corday

On May 15, 2017, Ken Corday, the executive producer of "Days of Our Lives" received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Below is a link to his page on their site and some thoughts about it.

The main speech for Ken was by Andy Garcia (who knew they are friends), who spoke about Ken as a person and a fisherman. Ken is the type of guy who catches bass and then puts it back in the water. We also found out watching this, the honor wasn't his idea, but spearheaded by people at Days including Greg Meng.

Ken's speech spoke about himself and his parents. Considering how he got the gig, because Days was their show, this was understandable. Ken spoke about his father Ted, and how he worked at Guiding Light every day for years as their director, taking care of the show on the radio in the morning, and for television in the afternoon. Eventually he moved to As the World Turns, and then had the idea of creating a program for television in color on the west coast. Then MacDonald Carey's hiring was discussed, and how Betty Corday was on 13-week cycles with NBC. Lastly he mentioned how his wife found two "pennies from heaven", which he put underneath the star in honor of his parents.

The video is a little over 40 minutes long. That said there is some fluff at the beginning and end where you can only see and not hear anything. The standard let's see everyone take pictures with the star was part of the show.

To check this out visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame page on Ken Corday. If anyone was interested in other previous honorees, the search engine will allow you to see who else has a star.

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