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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

GH: Six Random Thoughts for May 2017

Here are six random thoughts I'm having about "General Hospital" these days.

  1. I wish I was surprised about Anna being hospitalized under a false name and replaced by Alex in Port Charles. Alas, I'm not because it was the only logical conclusion, as I doubt they'd make Anna a triplet, and we already had a story about way too many masks. Since GH is allowed to mention and use characters from "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" again it makes sense they would take advantage of it beyond having Hillary B. Smith come on for a short stint as Nora, and interacting with Olivia Jerome making a OLTL joke.
  2. The chimera story also makes me think about AMC and Annie, as she was one, so the whole mythical creature situation, makes me laugh. (Yes I know there is more than one definition of chimera.) It wouldn't be as big of a deal if Billy Miller wasn't in the story, as he played Annie's brother Richie.
  3. Jax being deported was a good way to anger Carly and keep his character off screen. If they want to age Joss again or not show the character on screen they can just say she is out of Port Charles visiting her Dad.
  4. Sonny hooking up with Carly's divorce attorney Martina was kind of bizarre as why wouldn't she know what her client's spouse would look like before coming to Port Charles. It isn't as if Sonny is completely out of the press due to his "crimes".
  5. Having Nelle get attacked, and have kidney issues. Is this to make us sympathetic to her? It will take a lot more than a health problem for them to fix her.
  6. So Hayden is pregnant with Finn's baby, at least it looks like there is no question on whose the daddy for a change. Of course, I wonder why she is pregnant, did they have no idea what to do once he kicked drugs?
Anyway, it feels like GH is in a holding pattern until the Nurse's Ball. I'd be happy with one story to care about instead of random moments.

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