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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Days: How Ciara was written out

Just doing a quick write up about how Ciara Brady (Vivian Jovanni) left Salem on "Days of Our Lives".

Ciara was at loose ends in love with her best friend Theo who chose to be with her best friend and niece Claire. Theo thought that Ciara was lonely so he set her up with another college student named Wyatt. He really had nothing in common with Ciara except that they both live in Salem and are close in age. Theo taught Wyatt everything about Ciara, and Wyatt acted like an interested online suitor. Ciara and Wyatt went on dates, and she began falling for him. She helped him with homework and paid for some of his meals. Theo had enough of seeing Wyatt take advantage of Ciara and told the truth.

Obviously, Ciara was devastated to find out that the guy she loved set her up with a fraud. Wyatt was apologetic, but he kept quiet. Theo thought he was helping, but guessed wrong. (Yes I know that Theo is autistic, but this was beyond mean even if he was trying to be kind. Ciara had enough of Salem, and decided to leave town for the summer. She wasn't going to take any classes, and come back in autumn. Ciara would be in Asia with her brother and sister-in-law, who also happen to be Claire's parents.

On Ciara's last day (May 26, 2017), she said goodbye to Wyatt telling him when she returns she doesn't want to see him again at college. To Theo, she was heartbroken, and one has to wonder if they will be able to repair their relationship. Her mother Hope took her to the airport, and there had been no scenes previously with Hope and Ciara discussing this situation. Granted Hope had been in Greece, but that would have made sense on paper.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Ciara in Salem again someday with another person in the role. I'm one of those people who wished that they had left the character younger for a bit longer, because by rushing things, a viable character ended up being wasted.

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