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Friday, April 28, 2017

Days: What's Wrong & What's Right - April 2017

I've been wanting to write about "Days of Our Lives" for awhile, but wasn't caught up, finally I'm up to date so here goes. This isn't a six things post, but more free form. Who knows this may be a new style I'll continue to use.

This will contain information of everything up through the last episode of April 2017.

The Hernandez family got one person smaller as Deimos discovered a bug planted by the cops and used it to frame Eduardo. So Rafe was stuck arresting his own father. A Martinez is talented, but truly his signature role on "Santa Barbara" over 20 years ago, was never matched. Considering both of Rafe's sisters are criminals, I don't get why Rafe was stunned beyond Eduardo getting caught. This of course means that Kate won't be getting anything from anyone, any time in the near future.

One weird thing going on with Days was the return to crime. We have Dario using a hacker to screw with Lucas, and Kate and Chad agreeing to deal in stolen artwork. I mean really, corporate crime is not why I watch this show. The thing I watch Days though for the least is court drama, there hasn't been a decent legal story on this show in recent memory.

Another thing happening is Lani going undercover to get a pimp named Snake, played by Blake Gibbons aka Coleman from "General Hospital". The situation is bizarre, as all I see is Sal Stowers playing another character (like her one on online "All My Children") who may end up getting human trafficked. Seriously, that's disturbing.

I'm glad that Abby got a job, though considering her "crimes" working at the police station is kind of hilarious. The best part of Abby's new direction is that she made a logical choice. Most people wouldn't be willing to stay in a marriage or relationship with someone who is clearly also in love with another person. Days isn't going to do a three people in love story anytime soon, though if they did I bet that would get people talking. Abby getting annoyed with Gabi for moving on with Eli, well, it isn't as if Abby can date him.

Please let them not allow Julie to be damaged by her ending up in the hospital. I hope she was truly faking, why so she can continue to act badly or perhaps more in character than she has in years. I get why she hates Gabi, and she should. I do wish that Julie's hatred wasn't just about Nick though and also had to do with Abigail as they are family.

Poor Roman, first a drunk Tripp attacks him, and later he gets a tracheotomy in the middle of the pub done by his sister due to an allergic reaction. Honestly, who thought he would get more attention and action once he left the police force. In a weird way, I like this, as I see it as comedy.

Speaking of comedy, or something trying to be funny, Brady and Nicole living in Canada, an obsessed porn junkie who knew her work, and his wife, a cop who was strong and competent and then became an idiotic weakling. If I took this seriously, I'd be banging my head on a keyboard, instead I just shake my head and laugh wondering "why would anyone think this is a good idea.." And wishing that it was in a different era just because on some shows the actors would play it as comedy or make faces showing how they can't believe this, instead of going the earnest route. (Now some may say it was good of these actors to try to make it palatable, but on occasion it is better to just hand wave it. Better to laugh with the audience, than try to make the audience see something is good when it is clearly not.)

I'm glad that they've made it that Tripp doesn't hate Kayla or resent her. Hating Steve, makes sense since he believes Steve killed Ava. I also think it is outrageous to think that he wouldn't take the Vitali money. He's 21 years old, he isn't independently wealthy, and probably has student loans as he is a 21 year old college graduate.

So Theo and Claire had sex and lost their virginities to each other. Well at least it wasn't something sleazy, which was appreciated. Of course, now I hope she doesn't try to trap him with a baby or decide to broadcast their private relationship online. And Ciara's new boyfriend was arranged via Theo that was a surprise as it initially felt like it was Claire's plot to keep her away from Theo.

Adrienne chose Lucas over Justin. That was a bit uneventful, and awful she said she knew who she wanted before she was diagnosed with cancer. I think we're supposed to be okay with this, but it was selfish. The only thing I appreciated was that she finally got to interact with her brother Steve, who was missing for most of the illness plot.

Is Days actually going to write for Jennifer and Eric or is it another big tease? They are both addicts struggling to do better, and the material isn't awful so it probably won't happen beyond friendship.

So that's about it with Days, only a few more months until July and a new head writer (spellcheck turned that into headwaiter, which is puzzling, but the best way to end this post).

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