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Monday, April 3, 2017

GH: Two Engagements, Two Outcomes

The end of March 2017, brought two proposals on "General Hospital". Ned (Wally Kurth) asked Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) to marry him again, while Franco (Roger Howarth) stunned Liz (Rebecca Herbst) in a hospital corridor.

Ned tried to convince Olivia to marry him earlier, while at the Q mansion, but she said no. He was undeterred, and while at The Floating Rib, asked again. While The Floating Rib isn't a romantic location, it would have been worse if he asked her at her the MetroCourt. If it had been Karaoke Night, (they haven't had one in years) it would have been appropriate as he was a rock star, but no matter. He had Lila's ring and planned to give it to her. She said no because she felt that it wouldn't last forever. This was interrupted by a two men who came in ski masks to steal money and items from everyone there. (Ava and Lucy were also there, and there will probably be more to that story, but it is another plot line.) Olivia wouldn't give the ring to the robber, and then his brother who was more violent continued to threaten. Ned wanted Olivia to be safe regardless of the jewelry as he should. She wouldn't have it and wouldn't hand it over to the criminals. Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) got a text and went to the Floating Rib in her official police capacity. She was able to shoot the guy with the gun in the wrist before Olivia was hurt. Due to what happened, Olivia said yes to Ned.

On Thursday's episode (March 30), the end of the show had Franco ask Liz. Franco came up with the idea after Liz wanted to slowdown their relationship. He was going to move in, but Jason (Billy Miller) wasn't thrilled about it. Franco spoke to Nina (Michelle Stafford) for advice, and if Franco was Jake's stepfather he would have more of a say than just as Liz's love interest. While Liz appreciated what Franco was trying to do she said no. They are so early in their relationship that her reaction was understandable. Liz had decided while she wants to get along with Jason for the sake of their son, she isn't going to be alone or only involved with someone that Jason likes.

I'm glad that GH is trying for more romance. It has been a long time since they had more than one couple on camera at a time. So this is a good thing even if not everyone who watches the program appreciates certain pairings. (The more couples, the more likely that there is something to enjoy.)

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