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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - March 2017

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in March 2017.

The prison that was holding Cameron had a prison break or so DS Armstrong said. He made it look like Peri was stalking Leela, but instead it is the corrupt cop. Leela didn't want to see Zack that way, but he was still interested. Tegan tried to be there for Leela with the stalking mess.

John Paul left Hollyoaks for Thailand and brought his son Matthew with him. James and John Paul had broken up due to JP having sex again with Ste after the divorce papers were signed. On the plane, we saw that JP got a text from his former love Craig. John Paul got a teaching position with Sally's help and Myra would never forgive her. James burned John Paul's stuff as he left without saying goodbye. Diego left earlier in the month after his plot to defraud Frankie came to a close. Frankie and Jack reconciled.

Goldie is out of town at the moment, and her son's spent most of the time on the backburner except Prince conned Esther. He got the money that was saved for a flat deposit, but admitted to wrongdoing and returned it. Kim also was manipulating Esther by her making her wife believe that she wasn't as Maxine's engagement party.

Grace had been on the run, until Neeta accidentally kidnapped Leela's baby instead of Curtis. Grace was a good friend and turned herself into the police. Maxine and Adam had an engagement party, but it ended in chaos as Darcy is alive. She was living as Rebecca, and everyone believed she was dead. Grace even was in prison, awaiting trial. Once she was out, she went to see Esther, who didn't let her in the flat. That said Esther is wavering, as Grace admitted her love for Esther again through a closed door.

It was revealed Scott was adopted as the woman who raised him Lynette admitted the truth. At first, he seemed okay, but he fell apart while doing a magic act poorly as Leah made fun of him. Scott and Mercedes continued to be close and spent time together as friends. They broke into James' place and found blackmail material, recordings of James doing musical auditions. James couldn't get them arrested as there was no way he wanted anyone to see his attempt at Danny from "Grease" among other famous male roles.

Cleo overdosed on heroin and Warren and Joel saved her. Joel told Warren that it was Bart who gave his sister drugs, which was a lie. Bart was out of town again, and Cleo went into counseling. Sienna became jealous of how Warren was with Cleo though its platonic.

The Nightingale family continued having trauma. Alfie was back from Los Angeles just in time to find out that his sister Ellie state that Nick raped her after she had too much to drink. She couldn't consistent and blacked out. Alfie moved out of Cindy's due to the situation, and told his mother to watch out for his sister Holly who is dating Nick. Earlier in the month, there were signs that Nick was creepy as he convinced Holly to record them having sex, and later did it a second time without asking her permission. Marnie wanted revenge on Mac, and at the reopening of the dog, embarrassed him. James finally told Marnie what Mac did to him, while Lisa was on the sidelines.

Amy and Ryan got back together and married on their planned wedding day. Sadly, they didn't make it to the honeymoon as she was murdered. At this point, Ste is the main suspect as Leah placed him at the apartment arguing with her mum. Amy and Ryan got permission from the court, to take the kids to the US, as Ryan got an amazing job opportunity. Tony, Diane and Harry tried to help Ste, but made things worse with their lies. Zack comforted Leah, and Leela started to see him in a different light which is complicated as she had a son with his father. Mike was devastated over the loss of his daughter, and told his grandchildren about her death.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for March 2017. Amy and Ryan's wedding wasn't long, as we only really saw them walking to the altar, and then leaving. I wonder why they did that, though perhaps they felt it was more important to focus on Amy's death than any romance. Obviously, I'm not happy about Amy's death, and wish she'd been allowed to be happy off screen instead of having such a depressing end like her late sister Sarah.

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