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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - March 2017

Below are my thoughts for the March 2017 episodes of "Neighbours". Don't continue if you haven't seen it.

The return of Toadie's dead wife Dee has come to an end for now, but that could always change. Willow got in trouble in school as she helped Piper with fake IDs though of course the reason they were so great was due to her con artist mother Andrea faking being Dee. (Sindi misspoke and they figured out in Erinsborough what happened before Toadie knew anything.) Willow felt guilty over everything, and she and her mother made a hasty retreat to London. Toadie followed and was devastated to hear that Sonya slept with Mark. (Of course, little Nell meant literally, but he misunderstood.) Sonya got Toadie on video chat, and Toadie didn't end the call correctly so she got an eyeful as Toadie slept with Andrea thinking she was Dee. After they had sex, Toadie saw her real name and that was that. He ended up being so upset that he got hit by a car (boy is Toadie accident prone), and Willow helped him. Karl went to London to help Toadie, but wasn't there before the sex happened. He watched out for his neighbor and friend in the hospital, and brought him home. Toadie and Willow said goodbye and she said she regrets what happened.

Victoria was living in Steph's hotel on a temporary basis, and they did like one another. This ended once it was revealed how messed up Victoria's family was. She wanted to be there for her daughter Josie and her partner. Ellen tried to frame Steph and make her believe she was crazy. Later tracking Steph and hoping she would do something illegal, Ellen with Mark in the passenger's side hit Paige's car. She got suspended from the force due to her behavior. Thankfully Paige and her baby didn't get injured seriously though Paige finally told Jack the truth. He is now on leave from the priesthood due to being honest about the situation with not just his superiors but the town. Paige has decided to stay in Erinsborough as her parents Brad and Lauren continue to plan to move away to be nearer to the rest of their family.

Sonya lost her and Mark's baby after an amniocentesis was done, which proved their was nothing wrong with their daughter. The baby was to be called Kaitlyn and she died too soon. Jack performed a tribute to her, even though he wasn't allowed to do it officially. Mark realized he has romantic feelings for Sonya, but she has no idea how he feels yet. Sonya told Toadie it was over, and he moved into Karl and Susan's home. There was a sweet, but sad scene, where Toadie and Sonya explained their breakup to little Nell. Susan said she couldn't forgive Toadie for his behavior, as he saw firsthand what Karl's cheating had done to her family all those years ago.

Elly had issues at school as her ex-boyfriend Finn, is taking Brad's place. They met as fellow teachers, and Elly had an affair with him even though he had a wife. This ended badly and Elly went after him with a car. Susan had no idea of any of this before hiring her. Due to Finn being able to tutor in both English and science, Xanthe has asked him to be her new tutor. To spend more time together, Ben is sitting in, and Finn is encouraging Ben to follow his dreams, which may be mechanics and not medicine. Later in the park, Elly and Finn got into an argument and Finn fell down stairs with Xanthe watching.

The Cannings, Piper and Terese shared a meal as Gary and Terese have gotten closer in their relationship. Sheila wasn't happy about this, and while drinking sent a message to Brooke. She would rather deal with Xanthe's mother, a con artist than Terese, though perhaps she will have second thoughts. During the party, Piper spent some time with Clementine the cat, and Piper and Xanthe wouldn't mind being stepsisters as they are best friends. Tyler skipped the event, as he didn't think he was welcome. Tyler was a bit of a hero as he was responsible for saving Paige in the broken car. Brad got Tyler his job back at the garage, which was appreciated by everyone. Earlier Brad and Terese separately left food for the couple who are having it rough at the Backpacker's hostel.

Leo and David were still stressing about their paternity. Their mother Kim, who was on the show in its first year, was a surprise to Paul, as he didn't realize he knew their mother. Kim wanted them to stop looking into it. Accidentally a statue broke, and it had a key to Robinson's before it was owned by Steph and Paul. Aaron discovered the connection as he had no issue asking about it. Steph helped them look into hotel records and discovered their mother used to work there. The Udagawas had helped their mother, but no one in the family was related to them. Jasmine got into trouble for trying to buy off Leo and David. Leo and Amy decided to go out of town together on work, as they were getting along better as Amy realized she may actually care for him.

Those were the highlights of "Neighbours" for March. The main stories were intense, and watching the end of Sonya and Toadie's marriage was difficult.

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