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Monday, April 10, 2017

Y&R: Chloe and Kevin's Last Wedding

This past week, Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and Kevin (Greg Rikaart) probably had their last on screen wedding, as Chloe's schemes were revealed and she ran away from her fiance. Below are my thoughts on this development.

With Victor's (Eric Braeden) help, Chloe made her way out of Genoa City. She had all the dirt on Victor's part in causing Adam (then Justin Hartley) end up in prison. This situation led to the fateful events, in which he was killed. Chloe tranquilized Adam, and made a tank explode so Adam "died" in a cabin by a lake. Of course, since this is "The Young and the Restless", this death may not be final, but I digress.

Chloe inadvertently shared how she got herself together about six months earlier. She was drunk, and once Nick (Josh Morrow) heard about it, he wondered if she had anything to do with Adam's death. He also found the bug, Chloe planted on Connor's toy. The explanation was enough for Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), but not for Nick, and he continued to push. Chelsea wanted to think the best of her closest friend. At Chloe's bachelorette party, Nick got his ex-wife Sharon (Sharon Case) to try and get Chloe to admit something. He also spoke to her alone. None of this worked, and all it did was alienate Chelsea from Nick. Meanwhile, Kevin had his bachelor party with his friends, and just wanted to be happy with Chloe. Even if they were getting married quickly, the majority of their friends and family would attend, and they'd do it at the Chancellor mansion. They planned to go on a 2-week honeymoon to Tahiti. Paul's brother Father Todd (Corbin Bernsen) made a guest spot visiting just for the wedding, which perhaps was done as it was taking place in the Chancellor set, as there is no way that Chloe or Kevin could get an actual church wedding.

The wedding day came, and since we saw Chloe in her gown, it seemed like things wouldn't happen. There was the traditional old, new, borrowed, and blue. Esther (Kate Linder), Chelsea, and little Bella all wore the same color scheme of blue/grey. Of course, Esther wanted to support her daughter, and had no idea what was going on, beyond doting and planning the event. Kevin gave his vows, but when it was time for rings, things fell apart. Chloe ran after seeing the wrong ring: Adam's ring, as Chelsea discovered it and knew Nick was telling the truth: Chloe was involved in Adam's death. The ladies had a confrontation, and Chloe knocked Chelsea unconscious. The wedding didn't happen as Chloe left Chelsea on the ground abandoning both Bella and Kevin. She left a note asking her mother to take care of her child, and wishing that things were different.

Today, Monday, April 10, (in US airdates) marked Chloe's departure. Unless Adam comes back alive or is pardoned off screen, there is nothing left for her except a jail cell in Genoa City. It isn't that she doesn't have people who love her, but she went too far. Due to how Kevin and Chloe's romance was written this time, it felt like their relationship wouldn't last. Of course, Bella's paternity is still unresolved, but I hope her father is someone not expected as Billy would be obvious and Kevin has already been discounted. The fallout of this story should continue as everyone finds out about Victor's part in Adam's incarceration and death.

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