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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Y&R: Six Random Thoughts for April 2017

Doing a "The Young & the Restless" random thoughts post tonight, as I don't think I could write about at any show topic at length.
  1. They didn't make Hillary look as bad as I thought they would with her first episode of the rebranded GC Buzz. Didn't realize that George from "The Price is Right" would be on screen again, that's what I get for not reading spoilers.
  2. So Kevin is Bella's Dad after all, even though an earlier DNA said the opposite. Was this a rewrite due to how quickly they shuffled Chloe (and Elizabeth Hendrickson) off-screen? Having her tell both Billy and Kevin they could be the father via letter was a bit of a cop out, but out of those two choices prefer it being Kevin.
  3. I wish I cared about Reed's romantic life, but I don't. It doesn't help that everyone in his story outside his relatives is a day player. Perhaps they are trying to see who "works" and give them the golden ticket to a longer plotline.
  4. Having Brash & Sassy and Jabot fight over a hockey contract was a bit of a surprise, as CBS has no rights to airing that sport. If it did, I'd get the network synergy instead I'm left wondering how long will it take for Juliet to go crazy or blurt out what happened in Japan with Cane.
  5. It is about time that Faith moved back in with her parents. That said since Victor isn't in town at the moment, they could have waited to move her during Summer vacation.
  6. Let's watch Ashley hang out with a newly better styled tech guru, Ravi and go to New York City. At least Ravi got to meet Traci, as who wouldn't want that? It is too bad that Ravi isn't being pulled into the younger group, but at least they haven't turned him into Natalie even if they had similar career paths.
So those are my six things I'm thinking about Y&R in April 2017. I hope in May, I'll find something about this show that catches me interest rather than my ire.

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