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Saturday, April 22, 2017

B&B: Six Random Thoughts for April 2017

Below are six random thoughts I'm having this month about "The Bold and the Beautiful".

Here goes in no particular order.
  1. So Brooke made special lingerie for Dollar Bill made from Dollar Bills. I hope I was supposed to laugh because that was really funny. 
  2. Rick and Maya finally get some sexy time, and it ends up being live streamed to Darlita of the Spectra crew. Now about that I think I'm supposed to laugh, but instead I'm horrified. The idea of Coco and Rick screwing is a nightmare, and well it is sad that the only reason Rick and Maya had "fun" was to provide a peep show. Now that would be worth suing about, at least it wasn't posted on Facebook.
  3. Katie doesn't need to blackmail Quinn to get a job at Forrester does she? Couldn't she just ask her relative by marriage, Eric for a job or her nephew Rick, who runs international, seriously.
  4. The whole OMG I can't believe a Spectra and a Forrester would date situation is ludicrous. Does everyone forget about Thorne who was married to both Macy and Darla? Tony, Kristen's husband, used to work there too, and they are Zende's parents who is still on the show. Come on now.
  5. It was nice to see a Spectra fashion show even if all the designs were stolen. I wish it hadn't have been that obvious and some of Sally's work was in the midst of the pilfered frocks. That said it would have been more fun if someone from Forrester moved to Spectra in frustration and there was an actual competition.
  6. I want B&B to either go for Ridge and Quinn or not. The will they get caught while doing absolutely nothing, and without any proof is not that interesting. Not that I want Quinn to get pregnant mind. 

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