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Friday, March 31, 2017

B&B: A Tale of Two Weddings

"The Bold and the Beautiful" had two weddings planned for its Australia remote or so the characters thought. Below are my feelings about what happened during these stories in the 30th anniversary month.

Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) were wed happily. Steffy used a zipline to get to her groom, and they said "I do". The ceremony began on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 which is a weird day for a wedding, but perhaps they didn't take the two-day preemption for NCAA basketball into account into planning. Before the ceremony the program used Australia by having Steffy do a fashion shoot on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. While she and Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) once fought over Liam, now they act like friends and relatives as they are no longer trying to one up each other for a man. Thomas surprised everyone with Sally (Erica Hope) being his date, though she was "good" and didn't share any photos on social media, even if that was her plan for coming originally. Instead of having people do readings, both father's spoke. Bill (Don Diamont) compared his son Liam to Sydney in the most positive ways, and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) spoke about his daughter being a daredevil. While the wedding was calm, the reception was not. In the kind of shot that couldn't be anywhere by Sydney Harbor, the cast was in a group speedboat ride. Then we saw an aboriginal group perform, and a duo sang a love song. This was on the March 23 episode, which ended with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Eric (John McCook) remembering the past 30 years on the show's birthday. (Considering SORAS this doesn't exactly work as they have kids over 30.) On the March 24 episode, Steffy wasn't happy her brother brought an enemy as a date, and they tussled with Sally ending up in the water. Years earlier, the original Sally also fell in and I saw that scene in my head while this was airing. Thomas though jumped in after Sally, and this hasn't deterred their relationship. We don't see them (Liam and Steffy) until March 29, 2017, where they consummate their marriage, and have a montage.

The second wedding didn't happen as Ridge and Quinn (Rena Sofer) were interrupted by Brooke. Her sister Katie (Heather Tom) had warned her that Ridge and Quinn were interacting improperly, but didn't believe it until she saw it for herself. She was horrified to see Ridge with his father's wife. The locale was beautiful, and the kiss was a goodbye, but that was enough. Brooke couldn't abide by the idea of Ridge using himself to seduce Quinn away from Eric. Ridge thought the end result was more important than anything else, and now he and Quinn get along. Brooke didn't get Eric along to tell him about his wife and son's betrayal. She stayed back in Australia and last we saw her, (March 31) she ran into Bill. Honestly in what universe did Ridge think using himself as a pawn to destroy Quinn would work. It may have gotten Quinn out of the picture, but it is unlikely Brooke would appreciate him using himself as bait. At least it doesn't look like Quinn and Ridge will become a grand romance. (There are times in my soap loving past, where revenge has turned into love that have been amazing, but it seems that this particular time I hope it doesn't happen.)

For accounting purposes, the characters who were in Australia were Liam, Steffy, Ivy, Bill, Quinn, Eric, Brooke, Ridge, Sally, Katie, and Thomas. Eleven actors being sent across the world to promote the show. I hope we get to see more interviews and such from the Australian press.

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