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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - February 2017

Below are my thoughts for the February 2017 episodes of "Neighbours". Don't continue if you haven't seen it.

We found out in February that Dee was lying and was actually a woman named Andrea. Sindi, who returned to town, conspired to get the money from the Bliss family using Andrea to do it. Years earlier, Sindi tried to bilk Toadie, but unfortunately all the Bliss money went to charity. Andrea had been given enough information about Toadie and the rest of the family to be believable as Dee. Willow at 15 is too old to be Toadie and Dee's child, but is lying about being 13. She started at school with the others, and is in Jimmy's class. Willow wants to go to school to become a fighter pilot, and passed the exams. Toadie is willing to pay for it, while Andrea is trying to get Toadie for herself.

Steph ended it with Mark, due to her conflicting feelings. She was escaping with Victoria, but doesn't want a relationship with her either. Elly and Mark were getting closer, which was something that Sonya didn't like. She didn't feel that Mark would be a responsible father to the upcoming baby.

Tyler and Piper continued living in the hostel, though Tyler got a job as a bartender. Piper went to the bar with a fake ID, and didn't rat out the creator Bec, but was blamed anyway. Willow knew how to make fake IDs and Piper gave them to Freya and her friends. Piper and Willow decided to work together to make more as both needed money.

Paige told her parents the truth about her pregnancy. David didn't want to fake being the father, but felt regrets due to how his feelings grew towards Brad. (David always wanted a father, and it also came out that Brad the vagrant wasn't his father either.) There could be a connection between the Tanaka's and the owners of the hotel, but we shall see. Paige nearly told Jack, but was convinced by Bishop Green to stay quiet. Ned moved away to run his own tattoo shop, and Amber was having issues with her baby, Brad and Lauren discussed moving away to the Gold Coast. They invited Paige to go along, and she looked into transferring credits.

The Cannings and Kennedys still weren't getting along, but Ben and Xanthe are back together. Jimmy who has a crush on Xanthe stole a tiara, and Leo tried to cover for him. This upset Amy, but at least Leo tried to do the right thing. Sheila romanced a guy to help Gary, but it didn't. Another story point had to do with sausages, Gary and Karl each made some and the others had to judge them. Paul, not to be undone, invited everyone to his restaurant. Of course, Paul didn't make the food, but Lauren did, so she became the unofficial winner.

Those were the highlights of "Neighbours" for February 2017. There was a mixture of serious and fun stories, which is what is needed.

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