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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - May 1973

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of May 1973.

Lauri continued to feel uncomfortable as a nurse. Her agent from New York came and offered her a job in the office. She has yet to decide what to do, but obviously Hank wants her to stay. Hank was back on the mobile unit and a potential patient Mrs. Harris was a fan of Lauri's singing. Her husband died in Vietnam and seeing Lauri perform was the last time they were together happily. Hank brought Lauri with him after work (7 pm) and met her. She was able to help Mrs. Harris in a way that Mike and Hank weren't able. Lauri spoke about how she lost her voice, and that you have to move on even if difficult.

Althea took Penny to see Dr. Fabian, who had an awful bedside manner. Like everyone on the west coast, he couldn't give Althea and Penny any additional information about her vision loss. Althea decided that she would take Penny out of town to see yet another physician. Penny also needed to start school, but it has yet to happen. Nick acted like he didn't want to see Penny anymore due to Althea. This broke Penny's heart, because she didn't understand it. if she knew that her mother put her former stepfather up to it, things would get worse in their home.

Nick and Ann reconciled. She explained how her comments had nothing to do with him being from the rough side of Chicago, but how cautious she is since her husband died. Ann accidentally caused problems for Steve, Carolee, and Mona as she offered Carolee the job of head nurse at the private practice. The next time Mona saw Carolee, she asked what Carolee's opinion was of Steve's nurse Betty. Carolee realized that Mona had no intention of offering her the position and later confronted her. After departing, Mona had another heart incident, and called Steve. He rushed to his mother's side, and got her to the hospital for care. More tests were run, and nothing was found, but the damage was done to Steve and Carolee's relationship. Carolee blamed herself, and Steve didn't disagree even if she didn't want her mother-in-law to be hospitalized. Nick, Ann, Martha, Matt, Toni, and Maggie all saw what was going on with Carolee and Steve's marriage and weren't happy abut it. Some confronted Steve, while others went to Mona with their frustration in regards to her behavior.

Carl aka Charlie and his wife Vivian continued to have a bad marriage as she was an alcoholic. Matt met Vivian, at the Hendryx home, and was surprised by her behavior. Matt called Hendryx out, and now knows he is using Mike to punish Matt. Unfortunately for both Mike and Matt, Hendryx is right about Mike's incompetence in the Jimmy Kerrigan case. Mike didn't let anyone know about the boy's previous health issues caused from an earlier fall. The doctors could have done something to save Jimmy, but weren't given the chance. This entire situation is causing Mike to lose it. Toni is worried as he's mixing booze and pills, and then he stopped with the alcohol, but was still popping narcotics. That's something a doctor cannot do.

Those were the highlights of May 1973. There were five preemptions this month (May 17, 18, 22, 23, & 24), which means we lost a week of episodes. This was a bit of a frustration though it was the Watergate hearings, so the reason behind the lack of episodes makes sense. We have more coming up in June and July, so I'll have those summaries up more quickly. 

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