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Saturday, March 18, 2017

B&B: 30th Anniversary People Magazine

This week, I was able to pick up the collector's edition "People" magazine about "The Bold and the Beautiful". Below are my thoughts about the contents of this 96 page issue.

The magazine was $13.99 US or 15.99 in Canada, but thankfully I had a coupon cutting the cost to about $10, plus tax. The issue should be available until June 2, 2017, so if someone is interested they can still get it either online or in a brick and mortar store.

The forward has quotes from Brad Bell (executive producer/head writer), Katherine Kelly Lang, and John McCook. Obviously since KKL and John are original cast members, they get a lot of focus in the magazine, which is to be expected. There are four "By the decades" sections, which highlight stories from each era. The 80s section has a page about Kristen, which is surprising as there are only four pages on the decade. The other stories mentioned were about Margo and her son, and Caroline/Ridge/Brooke. These weren't all next to one another, so it skipped to a topic called "The Show's heart", which is all about Brooke's many romances told over 8 pages, and 12 marriages. The next section was about "Wedded Miss(es)" and for the most part they were bad relationships and 6 pages long.

The next "By the decades" section was about the 90s, and 8 pages long. Stories mentioned involved Eric and Lauren, which was short-lived, Thorne torn between Brooke and Macy, Sheila and Eric, Ridge and Taylor related triangles, and Sally and Clarke. They also mention guest stars including Usher, who wasn't famous when he first started on B&B except if one was obsessive with Star Search. "Passion for Fashion" was about various fashion shows over the years, though only Forrester ones, which was a bit of a disappointment as Spectra's shows could be hilarious. There is a two page feature on the Forrester Creations and Jackie M fashion fight though.

The next "By the decades" section was about the 00s and 10 pages long. There is a reference to it being the decade of death as so many characters died like Phoebe, Storm, and Macy. Becky and CJ are mentioned and get a picture, which I appreciated as that was a great albeit sad story. They also wrote about Amber and the Marones, did a short tribute to Joe Mascolo (Massimo) and Betty White's guest star turn as Pam and Stephanie's mother. Other guest stars were referenced as well. "Shocking Moments" had Thomas and Brooke's trip in more ways than one, Darla's death, Pam/Donna, Storm, and Sheila. There was a page called "Killer Queens" specifically about Brooke and Stephanie's tumultuous relationship.

The last "By the decades" section was about the 10s and 8 pages long. This part is about the Spencers, and then mentions the shocking situation of both Ronn Moss (Ridge) and Susan Flannery (Stephanie) departing the show after being with it for 25 years. There is also a guest star page, and some highlights like Rick and Maya though not a photo with them. Some things are completely ignored like Aly being killed by Steffy, and only one picture about Liam/Hope, with nothing very specific about the triangle, which was a lot of the last few years. "Bold-Faced Names" is a section of 10 pages with 11 members of the current cast, with new photos of each with brief interviews. "Bold Bods" is the shallow portion of the magazine with 6 pages of photos of "hot guys". "A Salute to Sally" is two pages about the late Darlene Conley's character, and the actress herself. I'm glad that she wasn't forgotten. "Backstage Pass" is six pages behind the scenes on set or on remote, which had information, which was new to me, which I liked. "Globe-trotting" is six pages on the show's remotes around the world. There was a fun by the number page, as who knew that they would have used 356 tubes of lipstick on set. The last inside page was a photo of Jackie and Owen, two characters that have disappeared and haven't been mentioned in years.

Anyway, if you enjoy B&B, you'll probably want to check out this magazine. It has some different content from the last B&B coffee table book, which is appreciated. Of course, everyone's mileage may vary, and if someone was a fan of the show in the 90s they may be disappointed how certain stories didn't get much more than a brief overview.

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