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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - February 2017

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in February 2017.

Cameron was sent to prison, and the Lomax family got a rest in February except for Ste. Ste helped John Paul deal with the possibility of Finn being paroled and they shared a kiss, which Harry saw. John Paul wanted to give Ste a divorce as requested. James agreed to be Finn's lawyer to keep him in prison, and Finn lost it. Since Finn attacked him after being provoked, he lost any chance of leaving, and James didn't have to lie in court. Tony was glad that James was doing this as was Scott who wanted to use this to get John Paul back, but John Paul felt conflicted until he knew what James had planned. Diane, who recently came back to Hollyoaks, wanted to help Finn, which upset her marriage with Tony.

Sienna and Shane teamed up as she faked a kidnapping with his aid. This backfired and Warren got angry. At least we now know what Shane has on Joel, Joel was responsible for providing drugs to his aunt Katy, while Warren was in prison. Goldie was extremely upset over Shane's broken promises and had enough of her on-and-off love.

Esther's memory was still bad, and Kim used it to her advantage. She made Esther believe that Grace was the reason she was shot. Kim also kept Esther away from the rest of her family, so they couldn't tell her things. Frankie rebounded with Diego, and Esther discovered that he was trying to take her money. Unfortunately, Esther forgot the details, so she couldn't tell her grandmother everything.

Mercedes didn't like how close her mother Myra and Sally were getting, and invited Diego meet his daughter. The baby girl was named Carmina Celeste after the deceased family members: Carmel, Tina, and Celine.

Speaking of Celine, they had a funeral for her as Cleo continues to be a mess. On the day of the service, she finally decided to tell Nathan to truth about her feelings. Sadly, she was too late as Nathan laid on the ground dead after falling from a window. Nathan had discovered that Lisa and Mac were having an affair, and was horrified. This situation didn't bring the Nightingale closer together, but pulled them further apart. Mac told James that he would have preferred to lose him instead of Nathan. Marnie's lies about the brain tumor came out to everyone at the funeral. Ellie was devastated and hated her mother, though Freddie tried to be a support to his girlfriend. After everyone left, Lisa and Mac spoke privately in a confessional, and Marnie heard every word. She found out about their illicit activities, and knew she had nothing to do with Nathan's death. Marnie tried to burn down the bar, but Freddie and Ellie stopped her. She vowed to get revenge for her son. (Alfie was on earlier in the month with his other family, and seems to be getting along well with his half-sister Holly.) Alfie and Cleo bonded over losing both a sibling and a love way too soon. Alfie shared how he would still see Jade, but Cleo didn't get it. The person who provided the most comfort to Alfie was Tabby, who wasn't even his grandmother biologically. She understood what it was like to lose your life partner, and how she continued to feel her late husband. Tabby invited Alfie to join her in the US and they left Hollyoaks in style in a white limousine.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for February 2017. I enjoyed the material about Nathan's death the most in the past month, and was glad that much of it has been resolved. Of course, I still am waiting for people to know every awful thing Mac has done.

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