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Friday, March 3, 2017

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - April 1973

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of April 1973.

Lauri started observing at Hope Memorial, and while Carolee is supposed to be looking out for her, we didn't see that. While in the children's ward, Lauri nearly gave a pre-operative patient a drink of water. Mike came in, pushed Lauri away from the girl and berated Lauri as she hadn't read the chart. Eventually Toni tried to explain to Lauri why Mike behaved in that manner and apologized, while Hank and Mike argued. Towards the end of the month, Toni continued to play peacemaker, making everyone upset, and Martha played groupie asking Lauri to sign a copy of her record.

Althea and John continued to be in San Francisco looking for Penny, while Penny took a plane to Madison. She called the hospital from a pay phone, and said nothing to Matt. Maggie walked by and took the phone, as perhaps she was the Dr. Powers the caller wanted to talk to instead. Penny then spoke to Maggie. They brought Penny back to their home from the airport. The next morning, Penny and Greta spent some time together. Penny was rude to Greta, calling her a little kid, and upset over how Mike got married. When Penny met Toni, she was standoffish, though she was happy to interact with Martha Allen.

Nick and Ann aren't together, but Ann is moving on in her life professionally. While Althea was away, Ann helped out at the clinic, and was later glad to be at her own office. Ann can tell that Carolee feels tense around Steve and Mona, but didn't share that with either her roommate or her former husband. Nick finally found out about Penny's blindness, and both were happy to see the other once Penny was back in Madison. Althea doesn't want Nick and Penny to have a relationship even though they both live in the same building. Once Penny realized that John doesn't like Nick either, she became even more alienated from her mother.

Steve decided to quit Hope Memorial, and Carolee wasn't the first to know. For a change, we actually saw Toni and Mike socialize with Steve and Carolee, though it was so awkward I doubt it will be repeated anytime soon. Steve told Matt that he planned to leave in 60 days. Matt and Maggie both wondered if all of this would destroy Steve and Carolee's marriage. (Penny was upstairs asleep in the Powers house, when this was going on.) The next day, Steve and Carolee were both miserable. Emma tried to make things better, and told Carolee to support Steve even if she wasn't happy with what Mona did to manipulate him. Eventually Carolee took the pearls that Mona gave Steve as a present to give to her. She felt like it was a bribe for going along with the whole private practice situation. At least, Steve did admit that he didn't marry his wife for her to be a yes-man, but due to loving her. Emma was at the house a second time, and Steve swore to her that they would make a visit to Wyndham Falls and bring along the kids. More than once Matt tried to help things for Steve and Carolee but made it worse. At the end of the month, Matt shared that the board approved the new uniforms for the student nurses, though some of the board members were sad to see the short skirts go. Carolee thought the board members were being dirty old men, which Matt couldn't disagree about.

Carl Hendryx actually wasn't his real name, and we met his wife Vivian. Seventeen years ago Matt did something to "Carl", and ruined his career, which is why he had to change his identity. A young boy got hurt doing gymnastics and Mike was attending. He tried to reach "Carl", but couldn't as he had to take Vivian, who is clearly an alcoholic, out drinking. Since Nick was at the hospital, Nick advised, and Hendryx was upset enough to call Matt in late at night. The next day, Hendryx blamed Mike for something another doctor did, which is why Mike was so mean to Lauri.

Those were the highlights of April 1973. There were no missing episodes, which was a good thing. While I did appreciate the acting, I didn't enjoy seeing Steve and Carolee so miserable. Mona can't ultimately win.

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