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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Days: Six Random Thoughts for March 2017

Here are six thoughts I'm having about "Days of Our Lives" on this snowy March night.

  1. The idea anyone would be shocked that Chad has feelings of love for two different women is laughable. In Salem, this is a normal occurrence.
  2. Speaking of that story why did anyone think having Abby and Gabi belly dance was a good idea? 
  3. Nicole going on the run and wearing blonde extensions. How would that fool anyone? Also she was an on-air celebrity. She would be noticed in this age of social media as there would be online amber alerts that would be national.
  4. Julie's son dies and Hope skips the memorial to be with Rafe. What a great sister, stepdaughter Hope is? Yes she is both not that they mention that. 
  5. Eric being so damaged makes sense and glad they didn't instantly make him all better.
  6. Kayla being held hostage at the hospital and Steve saving her life again. This is their pattern, he does something good and then something bad comes out about him so she can't be so angry. Having Real Andrews play the guy hurting her made it even more surreal, the plight of the multi-soap viewer strikes again.
So that's about it, I hope that Days does something inspiring or at least more interesting sometime soon and not in another six months.

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