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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - May 2016

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours posts. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in May 2016.

The credits have finally been updated to take out certain departed characters like Imogen, Kyle, Daniel and Bossy. Paige now is with John (aka guy with amnesia), her parents are now alone. Jimmy and Amy are now alone.

Sarah left Angus with the Kennedys after leaving for Germany for cancer treatment. Angus still has no idea his mother is ill, and felt abandoned. He thought that maybe Karl was his biological father. Susan said no, but he is family due to being related to Susan's family.  Earlier in the month, Xanthe was upset over only Angus coming to her birthday party. She then decided she wanted to have sex with Angus. Amy found out, and gave her a lesson about sex and protection. Sheila found out and wasn't happy about it. Later Xanthe decided to get plastic surgery. Aaron helped convince her to change her mind, and Sheila got upset as no one gave consent.

Paul felt like he wasn't going to get out of the charges for destroying the hotel. Terese paid off Cecilia Saint by giving her a job with a contractor for Lassiters to make everyone believe Paul was guilty. Paul went on the run with his shoulder in a cast. Steph would lose her part of the hotel as that was collateral. Paul decided to give Steph is share, so she could still have a future. Earlier, due to everything going on with Paul and Steph, Mark was taken off Paul's case. He also wondered if Steph would be willing to have another child. After thinking about it Steph said yes, though due to Charlie and other issues she hadn't made it a priority. Charlie came for another visit and was teased by Julie's son. He made negative comments about Steph and Charlie reacted. To protect his mother, Charlie let Steph believe that it had nothing to do with her. Eventually though Mark and Julie found out the truth.

Sonya's Uncle Walter came to town, and the red folder was about him. Toadie had given him money for rehab that he didn't use. This had upset Toadie and he wanted to protect Sonya, so he said nothing. Eventually, Walter admitted a family tie. Terese also liked Walter, and they shared a kiss, while Paul looked on. Walter and Terese had met at a 12-step meeting after Terese fell of the wagon.

Ned upset Brad and Terese because Piper lied about getting permission to get a tattoo. Piper got something in honor of Josh, and Ned did the artwork. Eventually they realized he was duped by his younger sister. Ned got closer to Lauren, and then kissed her. Lauren was not happy about that. Brad and Ned nearly got along, but Ned's feelings for his father's girlfriend perhaps will cause issues.

Paige and John went out of town and found a lead to his identity - a photo with a friend at a hostel. Unfortunately upon seeing Mark, the guy ran before learning any new information. (Bailey was mentioned as giving technical support off screen.) John then was introduced to Mandy, who claimed to be John's girlfriend. Eventually the truth came out and they were back to square one. Paige and John like each other, but don't want to go further until he knows his identity. 

Aaron and Nate are back together, but things aren't great. Nate gave Aaron money for his business, but isn't happy with his choice of clients. Aaron had been helping Paul, and convinced Piper to do an interview with him. Piper was stunned that Paul had such strong feelings for her mother. Aaron also has been managing Xanthe's social media, so she doesn't have to deal with trolls.

Things calmed down a bit in the aftermath of the disaster. I hope we find out who is responsible for Lassiter's even if the characters in Erinsborough don't know the identity or identities of the tragedy.

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