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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - August 1971

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of August 1971.

Dan was rushed to the hospital and everyone found out he had been hiding his health issues. Matt didn't understand it, but there was nothing he could do as Dan continued to be paranoid. To keep Dan calm, Carolee lied to Dan, but she agreed to go back to his house even though he hit her. She wanted to look after Billy. Then he tried to convince her to stay until after her child was born, she agreed initially. Dan wanted Billy to go to boarding school and that Carolee would come with him to visit the boy months from now, which would logically be after her kid was born. Billy visited Dan, and after finding out that Billy saw Steve, he shut his son down and made him go. (Steve should have been nowhere near Billy, because expecting Billy not to say anything was asking way too much.) After that bad visit, Carolee had to go again even after she nearly passed out, of course Matt didn't know about Carolee's issues. Later when pressed she told the truth that there was no hope for their marriage. Matt tried to keep Dan alive, but Dan cared more about getting revenge on Carolee and Steve. He convinced Carolee to get Steve to speak to him, then got Steve to change his medicine. Now there was "evidence" that Steve "killed him", when in truth Dan turned off his call button and pulled out the IV drip that was keeping him alive. Steve and Carolee had a few hours of happiness thinking they could finally get married after her divorce to Dan went through. They helped Billy celebrate his birthday, and Steve got the boy a great present, while Mrs. Simpson made Billy a cake. Billy wished that for his 13th birthday everyone he loved would be there, not knowing that his father had ended his own life.

Earlier in the month, Carolee got as much information as possible about Toni's mother and the affair that resulted in Billy. All they have is the name Webb, which isn't much to go on, but it is a start. Toni wishes things were different still doubting her father.  She doesn't realize how awful her Uncle Dan is or at least not fully. Mike wants to give Toni his family. He sort of proposed, but she wasn't ready. It wasn't romantic and it seemed like he was trying to comfort her instead of woo his girlfriend.

We finally saw Cathy without her wig. Unfortunately while at work, she still wore it. She looked so much better with the long hair spending time with Nick. He chastised her for what she said to Althea, but otherwise were getting along. 

Karen continued to work at the hospital. She had language problems due to how things changed since she returned from Germany. Mike gave her a language lesson, and later Matt appreciated her efforts. Of course, Karen changing her speech had nothing to do with getting along with the interns and younger staff better, but impressing Dr. Powers. Little Erich is completely well and has a clown toy. That said he isn't healthy enough to go back to Germany.

Maggie was moody and snapped at Mike, Matt and Greta at different times. The only person she's been getting along with is Althea. She had a test to see if she had an ear infection, but that wasn't it. At times, she's having ringing in her ears making her miserable.

Althea and John got along again after they spoke about everything. That said Nick and Althea still had a bond due to shared history. They confided in each other about Steve and Carolee as both are privy about their lives. Nick warned Althea about Detective Cadman's brother another Detective Cadman, who grilled Nick. Since Althea was Carolee's doctor, and friend, they needed to keep quiet. For now Cadman has no idea about Carolee's pregnancy, but knows that more than once Dan and Steve argued. Cadman realizes that something is going on between Steve and Carolee as they are so close.

Althea got horrible news about her mother. She and John left Hope Memorial to go to Greenville as she was hospitalized after having numerous small strokes.

On the same night of Dan's death, there was a party at the hospital for department heads. During this event, we met Dr. Hendryx, who has been mentioned, but not seen. Hendryx was giving Mike grief, and is even less agreeable than Nick. He was the head of surgery, and snarked at Nick for mainly working in the lab. Hank wished that Nick would go back to helping teach new doctors medicine instead of doing research.

Those were the highlights of August 1971. Due to how some of the actors appeared, you could tell they'd spent time off screen in the sun. Nowadays this wouldn't be done or at least not be as noticeable. So far they've done a decent job hiding Liz Hubbard's pregnancy as Althea is not with child. I'm hoping that Steve and Carolee's lies catch up with them, but they get exonerated before they have a toddler.

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