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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - July 1971

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of July 1971.

Toni and Mike were reunited. Things between them were going well until Toni was visited by Billy. She tried to get information from Carolee, who due to other things didn't tell her the truth about her marital problems. Toni went to Dan to discuss things and Dan attacked Toni verbally. Dan told Toni about her mother being a slut, who gave up Billy as she cheated on her father with another man. Instead of being a parent to her child, she went off with her lover. Toni took off from work, and still isn't 100% sure Dan is telling the truth. Martha talked sense after hearing what Dan said. Eventually Toni told Mike, and he said it shouldn't change the way she feels about her father.

Nancy Barrett took over the role of Cathy as Carol Pfander departed. Why there was an actress change has been lost in soap history. Cathy and Nick continued their relationship. They had sex and really enjoy each other. Going behind Nick's back, Cathy asked Althea if she was moving soon. She wanted to live in Nick's building, and Nick became angry that Cathy made this comment. Nick didn't want her to fight with his ex-wife.

The lithium project was over at Hope Memorial and according to Nick, so was his friendship with Matt. Matt didn't accept Nick's words and still considered him a friend. That said, Matt did say something awful to Nick, and has yet to apologize. Nick's work is important, even if the lithium project didn't yield results. Meanwhile John and Althea argued over Althea being concerned about Nick even though they are divorced. Althea spoke to Maggie about it, and Maggie understood that all Althea wants is for Nick to be happy. Seeing Nick and Matt fight isn't a good thing. Maggie in her own way spoke to Nick and the summer events they've shared in the past. Nick said while he feels the way he does about Matt, he still sees Maggie as his friend.

Karen went back on staff at the hospital after Maggie mentioned Karen's money woes. Both Steve and Althea felt that Karen still held a torch for Matt. (They were right, and Matt and Maggie are being naive.) Erich became well enough that he was in a regular crib. After Dan went to find Carolee's patient files, Karen became curious and read them. She figured out that Steve is the biological father of Carolee's baby. It seemed like she wanted to use that information to her advantage, but it is too late as Matt and Maggie already know.

Dan and Carolee's marriage continued to unspool. He was still sick, lying about it, and wanting Carolee to stay with him. Billy blamed himself, as did Toni. Neither was to blame, though they both suffered. Eventually it got to be too much, Carolee called him crazy. He slapped her and she fell to the ground. Carolee took the day off, and she and her mother left the house. Billy was heartbroken because he thought he'd never see Carolee again. Steve moved Carolee and Emma to a hotel under Emma's maiden name. Steve told Matt everything, as he resigned from the hospital. Matt thanked Steve for his honesty and said he would fight for Steve and Carolee's positions if it came to that. The board would find out how Carolee didn't know she was pregnant until it was too late, and that it shouldn't change their status at the hospital. Steve was glad that Matt was on his and Carolee's side and told a hopeful Carolee. Matt then called Dan into his office, and Matt got an idea of what kind of person Dan really is. Later Matt shared everything with Maggie, and they both knew that Carolee wouldn't have married Dan if she had known. Dan got the information from the taxi company Emma used to find their location. Then he showed the photograph of Carolee, and the desk clerk gave him their room number. Steve was at Hope Memorial doing his job as an obstetrician and couldn't be there to protect Carolee. Dan made believe that he was a delivery person and pushed his way into the room. Emma was out trying to see if they could get an apartment in their old building. Dan called the front desk and asked them to hold all of the calls to the room. While in Matt's office, Steve called Carolee, and didn't get through. He rushed over there and found Dan on the ground in the midst of a heart episode. Dan was brought back to the hospital and is surviving for now. It is possible that Dan can die due to his bad heart.  Billy is being taken care of and Carolee is upset over everything that has happened in her life.

Those were the highlights of July 1971. Certain scenes had me cheering like how Matt supported Carolee and Steve. Dan Higgs who plays Dan did a really great job being so menacing and unlikable. I wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

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