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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - May 2016

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during May of 2016.

The real Lisa ended up living with her family as the woman who raised her ended up in prison awaiting trial for kidnapping her as a girl. Louis and Simone were getting along better, but their relationship wasn't completely fixed. Sonia and Zack broke up, but still have feelings for each other.

Cleo nearly ran away with Pete, but everyone caught up with them and lost Pete for good. John Paul was beaten by Pete, and he found out that Sally is his biological father. JP got angry that everyone including Scott was lying to him. He also threw his mother out of the house. JP hooked up with James, but it was a short-lived 48 hour thing. James is Warren's attorney, and got Warren moved to Hollyoaks prison, but Warren wants out of there now.

Holly and Nathan became closer, as he had no idea that Holly drove the car that caused Rachel's death. Marnie decided to make it seem that Rachel had been cheating with a guy named Damien who didn't actually exist. Ellie helped, but thought Marnie just was making it a one night stand.

Nico crashed Ben's bachelor party making it an awkward affair as most teenage girls shouldn't be at such an event. Ben and Sienna married, but Sienna couldn't live a lie. She was in love with Trevor. Nico found out, and wanted her mother to stay with Ben, because she loved him as a father. Trevor told Sienna no, and planned to marry Grace as planned. Nico decided to kill Trevor to keep Ben in her life. She used a knife, and then Trevor bled to death while marrying Grace. Ben ended up taking the fall for Nico, and Sienna was horrified. Nico also blackmailed Maxine to keep her from telling the cops about the blood she found on Nico's school uniform. Grace was comforted by her annoying brothers.

Tony lost the Hutch to Marnie. She convinced him to use a loan shark to make the restaurant better. She faked reservations, and everyone including her ex-husband knew about it after the fact. James blackmailed Harry to have them sell to Marnie. Tony didn't want to do it, but he didn't want his son to be injured.

Cameron's Dad died off camera and Ste continued to argue with Cam. Cameron and Ste got into it at the lake. Ste nearly died, but Leela saved him. We also saw that Cameron put Lockie in the water presumably drowning his brother.

Lindsey's reign of terror ended after she gave birth to baby Kimberley. The baby was breech, and Kim called Teegan and Celine for help. They delivered the girl, and the Roscoe brothers arrived. Meanwhile Silas took Mercedes hostage. He saw how different Mercedes is, and believed her when she shared all of Lindsey's misdeeds. Hearing about what a bad person Lindsey is, he decided to kill Dr. Butterfield and spared Mercedes life. Freddie had issues with accepting his child with Lindsey, but Joe felt the baby was an innocent.

Alfie and Jade's relationship fell apart after Jade convinced Alfie to give her some of his cancer medicine. At first, she felt better, but later became ill from an allergic reaction. They are now banned from dating though Frankie tried to keep them apart even before this happened. Perhaps if Frankie had been more understanding things wouldn't have gone so wrong.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for May 2016. I'm so glad that Lindsey is gone. I'm hoping now that Nico finally pays for something she's done wrong as losing Ben isn't that awful of a punishment, as she never deserved to have him as a Father as she killed his biological daughter.

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