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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Days: Six Random Thoughts for June 2016

Below are six thoughts I'm having about "Days of Our Lives" currently.

  1. Joey ends up joining a cult after having sex with Jade and running away to California. Then he gets shot. Steve and Kayla lament, and then they disappear. Will Joe go to prison, does anyone care as there is no way they will leave him away from Salem?
  2. So we're supposed to believe that Kate tried to kill Deimos to frame Nicole, but he ends up hanging out with Chloe and Parker, who looks more like Philip than either Chloe or Daniel? (Is that casting supposed to be ironic or spoilerish?) I just want everyone back in Salem.
  3. Insta-reunions galore with Belle and Shawn getting back together and Adrienne and Lucas becoming engaged. With Belle and Shawn being written out, though since they screwed up Brandon Beemer's contract, he'll be back, though no idea how they will explain no Martha Madison and Judi Evans and Bryan Datillo not on contract, what is the point? If people aren't on contract, and aren't on, it is so difficult to invest. The best/worst is reading an interview about a proposal that didn't air back in November. 
  4. Scenes being cut has made me avoid spoilers. It is hard to get excited about a show when you read something is coming up, photos from set may even be provided and you never got to see the material. It saves no money to record scenes and not air them. (That said I'm glad we didn't have to sit through Fynn and Kayla.)
  5. Abe's daughter Lani (Sal Stowers) disappeared. Will the character get an off screen write up, or will she be like Neil Curtis or Don Craig, seen and never mentioned again?
  6. Ciara being interested in Chad annoys me. I can understand that you can't chose who you're attracted to, but if Theo is your best friend you shouldn't be liking his Uncle Chad. 
So those are my six things, I could continue, but those are my top ones currently. I want Days to improve, as I'm somewhat bored, but have no idea when that will possibly happen. 

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