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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Days: Abby Leaves Salem

Friday, June 24, 2016, marks the departure of Abigail Deveraux as Kate Mansi has left "Days of Our Lives" below is a quick write-up about how it happened.

Abby began to fall apart emotionally after Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) kidnapped her and left her to die in a fire with Chad (Billy Flynn). He stole her son, who he dubbed Collin that he believed was his biological child. Eventually he was caught and paid for his crimes including the murders of Paige, Serena and Will. Abby seemed to be doing okay, once Ben was gone, but continued to see him. She tried to be a good mother to her son named Thomas after her late great-grandfather and Chad supported her. Then Chad was brainwashed, but eventually they were together with their son as Chad was a DNA match to Thomas. In March, they later were married, but the ceremony was interrupted as Abby saw Ben. He had escaped from a mental ward, but didn't actually come to the wedding. 

Eventually things became even worse, and Abby became a threat to herself and Thomas. She was put into Shady Hills, but ended up setting a fire. This was caused by Ben's imaginary prodding. Abby ended up back in Salem at University Hospital with a full face mask. She figured out a way to escape and left town through a window. The bandages were gone and she went away. Now Chad is left to figure out how to raise his son alone as his wife is out there in the universe with serious mental delusions.

I did appreciate that Days allowed Chad and Abby to have some happiness before it fell apart. That said Marci Miller, who will play Abby later this year will have some work to do to make Chad and Abby a viable relationship. It is hard to be into a couple when one of them is clearly unwell. Along with it being Kate Mansi's last episode, this is also Robert Scott Wilson's departure as he returned to play Ben in Abigail's hallucinations. Hopefully we'll see both performers working in other projects in the future.

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