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Monday, June 27, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - September 1971

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of September 1971.

Mike proposed to Toni for a second time, but she isn't ready for marriage. Of course, his proposal wasn't very romantic again so who could blame her. Toni also went to the Powers house for dinner. Unfortunately it became awkward when Maggie mentioned families. Toni needs to find herself before she can consider going further with Mike though they do love one another. Mike got the news that his internship was extended to the full year. Dr. Hendryx can't stand Mike due to Matt being his father and continues to take it out on him. Mike even asked Hank if he changed his name if Hendryx would be less mean to him.

Dan's memorial happened at the chapel at Hope Memorial. This was one of the few places that Dan and Carolee had a bit of happiness in their marriage (on their wedding day). Detective Sergeant Ernie Cadman was on the case to find out who killed Dan, not thinking that Dan could or would commit suicide. He traveled to both Sky Haven and then New York City to get evidence on Steve and Carolee's relationship. Everyone at the hospital kept how Carolee and Steve were involved to themselves. That said even if the police knew the truth they would have continued to suspect Steve. Earlier in the month, Steve's neighbor who kept dead birds as she didn't want to deal with the heartache of having a new pet that died, shared information implicating them. Also more than one time people witnessed Steve threatening Dan. Billy had a lot of guilt over his father's death. He had nightmares where Dan blamed him. Emma wondered if Carolee shouldn't tell Billy that he is adopted and Toni is his half-sister. For now, Carolee doesn't want him to have to deal with more shock. Steve also consoled Billy, and listened more closely to the twelve-year-old than Dan ever did. Matt gave Carolee early maternity leave, as Steve requested. Eventually, Carolee agreed to go with her mother and Billy out of town to get some rest.

Cathy continued to see Nick and he wasn't able to convince her to get rid of the wig. (Yes I still complain about the wig.) Cathy wants to be Nick's only female friend, but Nick still is friends with his former wife Althea.

Althea's mother Mrs. Hamilton had some mini-strokes and was in the hospital in Greenville. The good news was she was in great health considering, the bad that she lost the last two years worth of memories and believes Althea and Nick are still married. The doctor on Mrs. Hamilton's case wanted everyone to lie to her, so Althea couldn't introduce her husband John to her mother. She wondered why Nick wasn't there. The following weekend, Althea went alone to Greenville by plane and Nick drove. He had sent flowers, but decided it was better if he visited. The divorcees worked together to lie to her mother. Then Nick went back to his hotel, and Althea to her mother's house. Instead of flying back to Madison, Althea decided to go with Nick in his car. She got hurt on the way in falling over a stump and hurting her ankle. John blamed all of this on Nick. Althea couldn't go with John to California for his conference, so they couldn't have a second honeymoon. Althea stayed in her apartment alone, and I'm guessing this is how they are dealing with Elizabeth Hubbard's maternity leave. Before John left town, he went to Nick's lab. John provoked Nick, and Nick fought back. Maggie saw what happened, and obviously Matt was livid. He doesn't want his doctors to brawl in the hospital. Matt went to speak to Nick about it, and then cancelled out with Cathy. Nick went over to Steve's apartment and chatted about the situation. Maggie understood why Nick was upset, and tried to reason with Matt about what happened.

Laryssa Lauret's daughter Lada started to play Karen and Steve's son Erich on screen. She was three at the time, and very affectionate. On a Saturday morning, Carolee went to visit Erich with a toy giraffe. Karen told Steve that he needs to keep the nurse away. When alone with her child, Karen put the clown toy on top of the giraffe. Karen still was trying to make inroads with Matt, as she heard some things that made it sound like Matt and Maggie were having problems. Karen did a thorough medical examination of Maggie and could find nothing to explain Maggie's recent behavior. Maggie has been calmer, but she isn't well. Off screen, Greta came to the hospital to see John, even though Maggie told her daughter that Dr. Morrison was out of town. Greta just wanted to see the babies, and told Karen that her Mom is upset all the time. Since Karen felt she had a possible chance with Matt, she told Steve that perhaps she wouldn't be leaving Hope Memorial to return to Germany as soon as he believes. Steve was glad about that, not knowing what Karen's actual goals are.

Those were the highlights of September 1971. Unfortunately two Friday episodes  were missing from the Retro TV rebroadcasts. It looks like Carolee and Steve are headed for heartbreak again soon. I wonder how much of October, we'll be without Althea and if we'll get any progress with Maggie's mental health.

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