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Thursday, June 23, 2016

B&B: Bill's a Hypocrite and Other News from Los Angeles

Below are my thoughts about what's been going on with "The Bold and the Beautiful".

Bill is in control with a lot of things going on in Los Angeles. Unfortunately his behavior is inconsistent and hypocritical.

Bill is agreeing for now to keep Douglas's paternity a secret. He knows that Ridge isn't the boy's father, and Thomas is. Yes, his niece Caroline is the mom, but does he really want Ridge to be forever in his life. The answer to that is obviously no. While he is no fan of Rick, his keeping quiet, is influencing Forrester Creations. Obviously there is no way Eric would agree with what is going on, so Rick and Maya are just being parents to their baby girl named Elizabeth Nicole (nicknamed Lizzie) until someone spills the truth. Brooke and Katie know, and are Rick's family. Please let it come out before the baby has been SORASed to an invisible kid.

Bill says he needs to be with his wife Katie. Being with her and their son Will is the most important. That said he turned his gym into a place to tryst with her older sister Brooke. So to keep himself a good man, he's screwing two people. That makes a lot of sense to Brooke. Seriously Brooke, get some self-respect or at least admit that being involved with your brother-in-law is shady.

Bill also believes that Liam needs to leave Steffy alone as she's married to his half-brother Wyatt. While it is nice that Bill is on Wyatt's side for a change, he is being a hypocrite. He wants Liam to be a better man than he is. Liam actually wants to move on from his former wife, even though the break up wasn't Liam's fault. (Liam was raped by Quinn, when he had a head injury. Quinn kept Liam away from Steffy, so Wyatt and Steffy moved on together.) While I like the idea of Liam getting into a new relationship preferably with someone who isn't a Forrester or a Logan, I don't know when or if that will happen as they'd have to bring in someone new.

So these days it seems like B&B is all about Bill. Other than Sasha and Nicole fighting over Zende. Everything going on he has some influence on in Los Angeles. That being said, Bill as a character should be a catalyst. I'm glad that B&B is finally using him in a way that makes sense even if I wish he would keep his pants zipped or at least only have sex with women who weren't related.

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