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Monday, May 30, 2016

Primetime TV Update - May 2016

Here's a quick description of all of the shows I've watched and completed in May 2016. Of course, as always, there is a possibility of spoilers for any prime time show I mention.

This month, was all about finishing up current seasons of television. There are a few shows that ending airing this month that I didn't complete.

On ABC, I finished two shows: "The Catch" and "Quantico". The Catch isn't a great show, but certain things were entertaining about it: (guest stars Lesley Nichol and John Simm to be specific.) Unfortunately they killed a bisexual female character and it is supposed to be back in 2017. Quantico hopefully will continue without the program focusing on the characters' pasts learning how to be spies, and only on the work. Due to the topic, many characters died.

On AMC, I watched the BBC One show, "The Night Manager". It was based on a novel of the same name, but details were changed to modernize the story. Hugh Laurie played the main villain, while Tom Hiddleston played the titled character. They played a cat and mouse game, and eventually the good guys were victorious. Olivia Colman from "Broadchurch" was in this as well, and pregnant IRL, which was written into the story.

On the CW, I finished up "Arrow", "The Flash", "Legends of Tomorrow", "Jane the Virgin" and "The 100". Yes, I watch a lot of that channel, more than anything else to be honest. I'm somewhat stunned that the CW is bringing back all three DC shows in autumn. We'll see what happens with casting based on spoilers, but all three may have changes in regulars with the death of Laurel on Arrow, the departure of Kendra on LOT, and Barry resetting everything on Flash. That said I hope it isn't a bubble story as Barry crossed to both shows.  Jane actually got married to Michael, but still hasn't had sex. So the show's title is accurate at the beginning of season three. The 100 was full of more death (Lexa and Clarke consummate and Lexa dies), and we finally found out why the earth was destroyed. I still would like a major character to be someone who was on the arc and around Clarke's age, but not part of the first group.

On NBC, I finished the first season of "Blindspot". Sadly two female characters who had been involved in a romantic relationship died before the end of the season. Unfortunately one of them Mayfair was a regular cast member. Also Jane wasn't really Taylor, which made things even more disturbing.

On PBS, I watched series two of "Grantchester" from the UK. The story ended with a cliffhanger as our vicar was reunited with his married and pregnant former girlfriend. The main story had to do with the accidental death of a teenager, who was pregnant. The murder and fallout continued throughout the series, causing our leads to fight. Justice prevailed, but not without a lot of loss.

On Sundance, I watched "Rebellion", which originally aired on Irish television. The show had some familiar stars, as I watch a decent amount of non-US tv. This was in honor of the 100th anniversary of the rebellion and focused on women. I don't know much about that history, so I cannot say whether or not the 5 hour story was accurate.

On WGNAmerica, I watched "Underground". This show was extremely well done, but at times difficult to watch. It is understandable with the story being about escaped slaves. This is something where it is better to view than describe. Contemporary music is used during the program, which will return in 2017.

This month, I completed a good number of reality shows. Some of which were competitive, while others were not. Competitive shows I watched were: Lifetime's "Project Runway All Stars", ABC's "Dancing with the Stars", NBC's "The Voice", CBS's "The Amazing Race" and "Survivor". The non-competitive shows I watched were: NBC's "Little Big Shots" and TLC's "Long Last Family" and "Who Do You Think You Are". PRA had a decent winner and a pretty good season overall. I wasn't surprised by who won on DWTS or The Voice, while TAR and Survivor were a bit more unexpected. Nyle and Peta were well-liked since the beginning of DWTS, though others were strongly technically. Alisan Porter finally gave the win to Christina, which was about time. The social media season of TAR was better than expected, while Survivor was plagued with too many health evacuations. Little Big Shots was great fun for a Sunday night, and hosted by Steve Harvey. Glad it will return as it is the one true variety show on tv with only kids as performers. Long Lost Family is about reuniting people and having it air with WDYTYA was a great idea. That gave me reason to take the time to view both. 

So that's what I've watched and finished during May 2016. Happy Viewing!

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