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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Susan Lucci Visited Live with Kelly

Today there was a mini-reunion for "All My Children" stars Susan Lucci and Kelly Ripa. Susan, who was promoting "Devious Maids" on Lifetime, stopped by as a guest.  In this episode from May 26, 2016, Andy Cohen a self-admitted AMC fan was the guest host. To see excerpts look beyond the cut.

Videos were officially posted from "Live with Kelly" included Andy speaking about how he met Susan back in December of 1988. A picture was shown with both of them with the big 80s hair. There is a short version and a longer version that includes the entire host chat at the beginning of the show. The home viewer who played for a vacation also was an AMC fan, who went to Super Soap Weekend years back, but that portion of the show isn't on LiveKelly.com The other was Susan, Kelly and Andy "acting" together. Susan and Kelly were their AMC characters, while Andy played a new member of the Martin family (Clark Fletcher Martin).

This was all silly and fun, but appreciated on a warm May day. What I thought was funny was that Kelly saw her character as Hayley Vaughn, but Andy called her Hayley Santos. The scene included fake slaps and other ironic soap staples and as usual Erica was going to get married again. Here is a link to the soap scene. What isn't in the excerpt with Susan is her speaking about her daughter Liza having four kids. She took the five year old to see "Matilda" om Broadway. Her nickname with the grandchildren is Grammy, though that wasn't her first choice of name. There are more complete versions online that were posted unofficially, but due to the age of the clips, I have no idea how long they will remain.

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