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Sunday, May 29, 2016

GH: Thoughts about the 2016 Nurses' Ball

Below are my thoughts about the 2016 Nurses' Ball on "General Hospital". If you haven't seen it yet, don't read any further unless you want to be spoiled.

The first ball episode was Tuesday, May 25. Robin and Emma came to visit specifically for the event surprising Anna. Most of the action was outside the venue as it was red carpet day. Aveeno was the real life sponsor and mentioned throughout the episodes. Liz hurt her ankle and Franco caught her, so she could not perform. Highlights on the carpet include: Nina being a fashion editor who was incompetent covering the arrivals, Abbie Boudreau a real life entertainment editor did a cameo as herself talking to people, Hayden and Liz wore the same dress and Maxie came to the rescue, Griffin escorted Maxie, which upset Nina, and Felix's boyfriend was mentioned also. Lucy began the ball, and a remix of the welcome song was performed with Bobbie in a lead part. While I appreciated that Bobbie was in that performance along with Felix, Epiphany and Amy, part of what she said about the late Tania Jones was bizarre considering their shared history. It was great hearing mentions of Steve and Audrey, but in no way should illnesses that killed many people be seen as a thing to celebrate. Dr. O wanted to perform from the musical "The Sound of Music", but was kidnapped before she could crash the party. Once backstage, Bobbie passed out and needed medical attention.

The second ball episode was on Wednesday, May 26. It began with the next performance of Emma and Ned. How they could rehearse together with Emma in California and Ned in Port Charles is uncertain unless they Skyped or something. They sang "Don't go Breaking My Heart" and both were dressed as Elton John. Epiphany makes sure that Dr. O doesn't sing. Jake has to perform early and Franco joins him after Jake freezes on stage while attempting to sing "This Changes Everything".  Basically Franco tells the boy to imagine everyone as ducks, and it was odd that neither Liz or Jason try to help their son. Emma goes home with Mac and Felicia (off screen), so she doesn't see the stripping act. The Magic Milo routine includes Milo, Griffin, Felix, Curtis and Dillon, and also has women this year though only the guys strip down, that said Griffin the stripping priest, what? Can they change it so he's just a Catholic chaplain and not a priest. Carly and Ava have a cat fight in the bathroom, after Carly tells Ava about the sex tape she has of Ava and Paul. Unfortunately, Ava is sunk for now when it comes to custody of Avery. After finding Bobbie, Lucas tells Amy he needs to go to the hospital. Amy forgets to share this information, and Lucy starts the wedding. Sam is standing up for her brother, while Felix is there for Brad. Sadly, Lucas is injected with something as Bobbie lays in her hospital bed.

The third ball episode was on Thursday, May 27. Hayden again tries to tell Jordan about Nik shooting her, but was unsuccessful. Due to Lucas not being in the ballroom, things were adjusted again. Dillon and Kiki cover "Stitches" (one of my favorite songs of 2015). After getting off stage, they share a kiss as everyone thinks they are a couple. By this point, Morgan is at the ball and is jealous of them.  Brad gets a call from Bobbie, and leaves to see his ailing fiance. Epiphany leads Maxie, Lulu and Valerie in the song "Doctor's Orders", which was odd considering how Val doesn't get along with the others. Lucas's heart stops, but they get it started again. Robin makes a touching speech about HIV and AIDS.  Amy goes to sing "You're not Alone", and Sabrina comes out to join her with a surprised Epiphany rounding out the group. Lucy wishes everyone a good night. She survived the ball without losing her clothing. Sabrina is leaving with Michael when Jordan arrests her for helping Carlos escape from Port Charles. Meanwhile Nik looks to be dead at the island and Sonny and Carly do a commercial for Aveeno.

I wish certain things had been done differently at the ball. For example, Ava wasn't around when Kiki performed. Ned only sang with Emma and then disappeared. When Robin made her speech, we didn't really get any reaction from people who where there when she was diagnosed. There was no explanation as to why Monica wasn't in attendance and as chief of staff there should have been. I know that Lucy and Monica don't have the best history, but it was glaring. I wish there was more variety in performances, not that I liked Mac with his dummy, but comedy in certain ways could have been good. The ball achieved what it needed, and I'm glad they had an educational portion. Having the episodes be at the ball primarily, but also push future story was appreciated. 

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