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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Y&R: Six Random Thoughts for May 2016

Below are six random thoughts I'm having about "The Young and the Restless".

  1. While I'm not a fan of the new Chancellor set, I'm glad that Billy and Phyllis didn't have sex on the steps where Jeanne Cooper did her last scene on Y&R. That would be an awful legacy for Katherine, but at least now I can imagine that set isn't supposed to be the mansion.
  2. Stitch's son Max is mad. He caused Abby to trip and have a miscarriage. We're supposed to be surprised by his actions, but all of Stitch's relatives are either abusive, insane or murderers.
  3. Victor spends more time in the infirmary than anyone should reasonable do in prison. Why hasn't he been put in solitary to keep him safe from attacks? 
  4. Cane and Lily finally know about Neil hiding a comatose Hillary. While I get why they are keeping quiet, I wish they'd use it to their advantage. Their marriage almost ended and Cane nearly went to prison.
  5. Mariah is supporting her mother Sharon, but seriously they can't keep Sully's parenthood a secret for decades. Of course, it is ironic that yet another child is named after someone in Dylan's life that isn't related to him. (Sully and Connor could have a club when they're grown as we thought Dylan was our Dad, but he was duped.)
  6. Adam and Chelsea renewed their vows and seemed too happy. I'm waiting for everything to turn to garbage as that is typical of their lives. I wish they could scheme together happily instead of being victims.
Those are my six thoughts about Y&R in May 2016. Due to the story arcs not reaching conclusions, I'm want to write a full summary of anything major going on in Genoa City.

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