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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Days: Special Jennifer Episode

Below are my thoughts on the May 24, 2016 episode of "Days Of Our Lives" that focused on the character Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves).

Jennifer became an addict after being in a car accident, which injured her back and neck. The prescription pills, she was taking, became too much. Her brother Lucas (Bryan Datillo), who has addiction problems of his own, is there for her. Lucas finds out about how Chad doesn't want Jennifer to be near her grandson. Jennifer doesn't understand how a meeting could help her. They are talking at 2 in the morning, as the meeting is at 6 am. Jennifer sleeps and sees things. Abby (Kate Mansi) comes in and finds Jennifer on the couch, Thomas escaped from his playpen and was in the driveway. The dream is about Jennifer's guilt over Abby being institutionalized. Then Jennifer ends up at the jail with JJ (Casey Moss), who is in an orange jumpsuit. He says his problems are due to their family. Jennifer turns around to a guard, who looks like her late husband Jack (Matt Ashford who is visiting). Jack is taking Jennifer back to herself as he is her jailer in a sense. She doesn't laugh anymore or do the kind of things they did together. In Jennifer's dream, there are flashbacks to her relationship with Jack.

Eventually Doug (Bill Hayes) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) come by as that's who Lucas called. Considering the time of day, they look amazing for 3 am. They want to stay at the house with Jennifer, as she is all alone. Julie brings Jennifer to bed. She cannot sleep and goes looking for pills. She slaps Julie in the face after Julie takes the drugs away. Julie wakes up finding Jennifer gone. Jennifer is now dressed for the meeting, and the Hortons share a hug. The episode ends with Lucas taking Jennifer to the 6 am meeting. Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) are also in attendance. Maggie leads them in the serenity poem, and Lucas talks about his issues. Jennifer stands up in front of everyone to speak during her first ever meeting and sees Jack in the background as she admits her addiction.

I wish Days had spent more time dealing with Jennifer's addiction and downward spiral. Once Eric went to prison, it seemed to get short shrift as did Eric's drinking. That being said, I liked the use of Jack in Jennifer's dream. He wasn't a ghostly visitation, and reminded Jennifer of who she used to be. Lucas has been an alcoholic for many years. The show hasn't spent much time recently about it as the only person who is an addict on screen that gets story about it has been Brady. That said, I think Days doesn't need any other characters to be in the 12-step program.

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