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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - June 1971

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of June 1971.

Althea met a new hospital volunteer named Helen. Weeks earlier, Helen was suicidal, and struggled with Althea. Thankfully Helen got help, and has found peace helping others at Hope Memorial. Helen was surprised about Althea marrying John as she saw how Nick aided her during the attack.

Toni and Mike continued to date. Matt made Nick "fire" Mike from the lithium project.  That said most of the month had Mike taking compound D to see how it would react to a human. The test animals like it, but the side effects were not advantageous for the intern. He lost time and missed work. Before he officially left the lab, Mike got a copy of the key made so he could let himself in unbeknownst to the others. Later when after another dose, he thought he could fly. He tried to take Toni out the window of the lab. He then went to the roof and dangled off the side. Eventually Toni was able to contact Matt, and then Nick and John were involved. Matt had never made it home, and John and Althea were visiting with Maggie. All of them rushed to the hospital, as Maggie wasn't allowed to see Mike. Mike was having physical effects and if he hadn't been convinced to go he would have let go. Toni told Hank what happened as well. Everyone was upset and surprised that Toni knew that Mike was injecting himself the day before his near accident. Nick did what he could to save Mike after he was rescued. Eventually Mike was doing better, and apologized to Toni.

Earlier in the month, Karen and Steve waited for Erich to be well enough to have surgery. Once he was doing better, Matt saved the 2 year old by fixing his heart. Steve wanted Karen to stay in the US, so he could be a parent to their child. Maggie thought Karen wanted to go back to Germany because she needed money to work. Unfortunately it seems like Karen is still obsessed with Matt, though she hides it a bit better. Karen also saw Carolee and Steve together, and later Karen tried to use the information to get Steve to leave Erich alone. It worked temporarily, and Steve warned Carolee that Karen may try to hurt her. Nick was told by Cathy about Steve and Carolee, but due to Mike nothing has happened yet in regards to Nick having this news.  Dan continued to blame Carolee for any problems he had with Billy. The boy had agreed to go with Dan for his birthday dinner, but due to Dan's behavior, Billy didn't tell his father he decided it was a good idea. 

Those were the highlights of June 1971. Thankfully Carolee is finally showing as the character is in her last trimester. Also everyone got at least five minutes of happiness on screen. That was surprising, but in a positive way even if things fell apart later in the month.

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