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Monday, May 2, 2016

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - April 2016

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during April of 2016. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

Sonia was discovered to be Sonia, after Louis and Simone found the faux siblings half-naked on the sofa. Jade's situation remained unchanged. (I'm waiting for her surrogate family to react to her sister being in town.) The last moment of the month had the Lovedays finding Lisa as Joanne led them to their daughter's kidnapper. Sonia and Zack aren't together right now, but it is uncertain if they will get back

Cleo took the blame for Holly's accident, which inadvertently killed Rachel. Since Cleo wasn't drinking, she probably won't get any jail time. In a moment of weakness, Cleo reached out to Pete and they had sex. Later Nathan kidnapped Cleo, but brought her back before hurting here. Nathan also reluctantly was involved with Rachel's service, which was a memory box.

Grace's other siblings arrived, but really didn't do much. Grace and Trevor planned to wed, as did Ben and Sienna, though Trevor and Sienna still care for each other. The only reason they didn't continue was their kids.

Marnie continued to cause trouble for Tony, Scott and Freddie. She tried to get Scott to commit insurance fraud and burn down the Hutch. JP stopped Scott, before he did anything wrong beyond breaking a window. JP and Scott are getting along better, and shared a kiss after arguing over ideas for the school's ball. Sally set them up to do the project together, and the idea had a space theme. Marnie had sex with Freddie, before knowing her daughter Ellie liked him. For now Marnie is keeping her mouth shut as she doesn't want to lose Ellie.

Leela lost hours at the firehouse and decided to clean to make extra money. Using Leela's key to Simone's place, Ste invited himself and Leah & Lucas to visit. Later, while out to eat at the Tugboat, he ran out without paying Cameron's bill. He got arrested and Amy was horrified. Tegan and Leela found out about Ste and Harry living in a shack, and wanted them back in their home. This pissed off Cameron. To get some money, Harry slept with James. Ste decided he didn't need the money, and Harry gave it back, though he has no idea his boyfriend whored himself.

Everyone found out that Lindsey was the gloved hand killer. She went on the run, and Joe was being monitored by the cops for his and their baby's protection. Lindsey kidnapped Frankie, and blackmailed Esther to help her. Kim was released though everyone was still angry with her for knowing what Lindsey did. Of course, no one thought to mention how Linds drugged Kim and put her into a coma. Kim and Esther got back together, and in an amusing bit Kim spoke to Frankie online thinking it was a dating service. Lindsey remains at large wearing a blonde wig.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for April 2016. Hopefully we'll continue to get more fall out from Lindsey's crimes and the return of Lisa.

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