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Friday, October 2, 2015

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - September 2015

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours post. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in September 2015.

Courtney broke it off with Josh. Amber is still alone too. Imogen and Daniel are still together and going strong even as everyone else is having problems. Terese found out about Brad and Lauren as Paul got photo footage of the duo as part of his job with the village. Piper, Terese and Brad's youngest daughter came back from being an exchange student in Canada. She and Imogen had been really close, but now they seldom know each other. 

Paul proposed to Naomi, who said yes. She wasn't ready to get married and cheated with Josh. Paul "forgave" her and went after Josh, to get his parole revoked. Naomi figured out what was going on and got evidence to exonerate Josh. 

Amy and Kyle are continuing to be awkward with one another. Her ex-husband Liam is shady and owes money. They are making over Harold's for Lauren. Brad moved out of the family house, and decided to temporarily move in with Lauren. This caused stress between the families. 

Ben left town as his mother was back in Australia, so Karl and Susan only have Nate in their home. Nate and Aaron's relationship grew stronger as they were on their third date. Aaron invited himself over to get to know Karl and Susan better. Once alone, Nate told Aaron he wanted to become closer and they got Susan and Karl to leave for dessert. 

Toadie continues to be in a wheelchair. His brother visited town and we saw a video call with Callum. The fundraiser was helpful, even if at first Toadie wasn't interested. While at work Sonya got bitten by a spider, which made her incapable of taking care of her husband. Amy helped them interrupting her family date with Liam and Jimmy.

The garage has a new owner as the Brennans didn't buy the place. Everyone found out about how Tyler was abused by his father, and he left town to get help. Sheila was depressed over losing someone else in her life. At least, Tyler kept his job. Tyler kissed Paige, but she is still not interested. Aaron and Josh still do stripping gigs, but due to coming out on Facebook, they got less gigs. I'm not sure what Aaron is doing for money.

Those are the highlights for the month of September 2015. This month, one part of the credits was updated as a new shot of Imogen and Josh was used adding their sister Piper. 

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