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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

B&B: Caroline's Pregnancy

Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) is pregnant, but not with her new husband's baby, but his son's child. Below are my thoughts about this latest development on "The Bold and the Beautiful".

Am I surprised by this story? Absolutely not, once Caroline mixed pills and booze forgetting she had sex with Thomas (Pierson Fode), there was little doubt she'd be pregnant. Caroline and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) were on a break, as he didn't want kids and she did. Of course, they reconciled and married before she realized her condition. Ridge had a vasectomy, which he looked to reverse for Caroline's sake. His doctor aka Jesse from Beverly Hills: 90210 said it wouldn't help. When this was going on Ridge confided in Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). This is going to bite them later potentially as Brooke seemingly won't stay quiet.

Thomas and Ridge continued to have an awful relationship. They argued and Thomas punched his father. Thomas having fun with an intern was what caused Ridge to get so upset. He didn't want a lawsuit, but seriously what was the big deal. Caroline had the difficult job of telling Ridge the truth. Ridge seemingly blamed Thomas more than his wife. Considering how much he isn't liking his son, I get why he felt that way. Caroline thought her marriage to Ridge was over, but he made the choice of wanting to be a father to her child. While it wasn't his first choice to be raising his grandchild as his own, he was going to be there for Caroline. The only thing was that Caroline and Ridge could never share that Ridge wasn't the upcoming child's father.

Honestly, I wish B&B went in a different story direction. The relationship between Ridge and Thomas wasn't years of rivalry. They barely know each other and due to the recast situation both actors haven't really "played" that relationship on the program. Hopefully it will be resolved sometime soon.

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