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Thursday, October 29, 2015

GH: Six Random Thoughts - October 2015

Here are six random thoughts I'm having about "General Hospital" these days.

  1. I like seeing Kiki so snide and sarcastic. It is a good look on her and so much better than the simpering. The text to Morgan's potential date made me laugh.
  2. Sabrina being pregnant and the character being unsure about whose the daddy? Seriously, Ava didn't know who her baby daddy was, Olivia knew and lied about it. Why do we need another plot like this now? Carlos is dead, and it feels like they are going there solely so Michael could raise a child which wasn't his own of an enemy. (Though since Carlos didn't shoot Sonny, Michael and Carlos weren't really foes.)
  3. I'm glad we saw Elizabeth get a bridal shower at the hospital even if it was short-lived. She deserves a bit of happiness before everything comes out and to be reminded she does have friends.
  4. I wish I cared about Dillon's movie, but I don't. I think part of it is because Dillon and Lulu weren't ever a "real" couple. Lulu was only a speed bump to Dillon's happiness with Georgie, and glamorizing them annoys me a lot. I have no feelings of nostalgia due to past story and having different actors in the roles makes it just not work. Hope it ends soon. 
  5. Will Brad and Lucas ever go further in their relationship due to Brad already being married? I want some movement for this story?
  6. Laura knowing and keeping quiet about Nik and Elizabeth lies, after everything has me shaking my head. I wonder what the blowback will be for everyone in Port Charles when the truth is revealed please be early November. We've waited long enough.
Those are my main thoughts about GH currently. 

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