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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - January 1970

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of January 1970.

Althea went to Mexico to divorce Nick. While it wasn't 100% legal in all 50 states, it was for most of the US. Nick got upset over it, and tried to block it though he was too late. He and Steve fought as Bellini came to Aldrich's apartment looking for a reason. The cops let them go after the incident. Steve and Althea's secret meeting was now known to everyone. Carolee had to deal with her mother's illness off camera. She found out from Steve what happened. He didn't admit that nothing had happened yet with Althea. After Steve and Carolee ended their relationship before it really began Steve and Althea kissed. (Actually I appreciate that Steve didn't sleep with or even kiss Althea until what happened with Carolee was over, he learned something from his previous experience with Liz.)

Nick had to work at the lab alone as all his employees bolted. Althea and Steve obviously could no longer work with him. Althea was back in the clinic, Steve was assigned to Dr. Creighton, and Martha was given the job of being Matt's assistant. Liz was reinstated to the lab by Matt, and thought the new filing system was awful. Considering she worked in the lab before she would have an opinion. This was rather funny and shows that Althea's methods may not have been all that great. We also found out that Matt was speaking with someone from out of town to work at Nick's lab.

Maggie dealt with sadness of some sort and lashed out at Matt. She didn't like her clothes and got extremely upset over Althea taking back leadership in the lab. Simon supposedly still is working there, but wasn't in the meeting with Maggie, Matt and Althea.

Julie was now part of the nursing program and was living at the hospital with another student. Her mother, Mrs. Buckley, hated Carolee as she had wanted to be in charge of the students. Mike and Julie had sex as they were stranded in a snowstorm. He had planned to date another girl, but broke their date to see Julie. Carolee and Julie continued to clash and Mrs. Buckley took advantage of Carolee's absence. She found evidence against Carolee, after they broke into a sealed cased. It seems someone was involved in illegal abortions. Carolee wasn't involved, as we saw at the end of the month and Creighton was. Dr. Creighton has an alcoholic wife and seems to like Carolee a bit more than is appropriate. He had no idea about the strife between Steve and Carolee. We also met Dr. Dan Allison this month who works at the university, but not at Hope Memorial. 

Those were the highlights of January 1970. While I really don't like Steve and Althea I was glad that finally everyone knows about their "emotional" ties. I didn't like Steve lying to Carolee, and also think that Althea is an awful friend to the one person who was great to her during her amnesia.

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