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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

DAYS: Ben's Motivation Explained

On the Tuesday, October 20, 2015 episode of "Days of Our Lives" Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) explained to his father Clyde (James Read) why he killed Serena, Paige and Will. Below are my thoughts on this development.

Since Clyde was leaving town and being expedited to Florida for drug dealing, he needed to say goodbye to his son. Instead of Clyde trying to explain away his evil acts, he heard all about what Ben had done. Ben was just sick over everything that was going on between Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abby (Kate Mansi). Ben felt he had his dream life with Abby, and Chad was ruining it. He thought the cops would figure out it was Chad, after Serena was killed. When they didn't take the bait, he went after Paige. His attack of Marlena (Dee Hall) was all about Marlena helping Chad remember what happened while Chad was drugged by Ben.  Sadly Will was collateral damage, as Will found one of the ties that Ben bought using Chad's credit cards. Ben didn't seem upset about either of the women being dead. He did wish Will hadn't discovered anything. The situation for Ben is dire, because he has no idea how he can hold onto Abby.

Clyde seemed shocked over Ben's behavior, but wanted to stay on his side. Since he's going to be far away, all he can do is keep Ben's secret. While I'm glad that the JJ is a narc story is over, I think it is odd that Clyde was extradited before a trial was held in Salem. Guess they wanted to clean the decks quickly. There was a dangling point about a man in Florida, but Clyde couldn't share that with Ben before he was taken away. The character of Clyde lasted a lot longer on the show than expected as it was rumored that he was going to be gone after he was shot in the park. I like James Read typically even if I wasn't hugely into Clyde.

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